Lizzy Lizzy Lizzy Lizzy Lizzy

I often wonder where my inspiration went.
i can promise though that it will be back soon , just as soon as i get home to portugal.
went out on the sniff last night in palma.  It can be a funny place.  Hogans, the irish bar, is a real meat market – i have to say , i really didnt enjoy it last night. the same band, playing the same tunes gets boring after a while
A big cheer though for the dude on the balcony with the Bernard Matthews beard – full and fluffy.  and he really got the funk when the band played michael jackson.  I reckon he was infact Mason’s long lost brother.
Bumped into a couple of chicas last night that i first met a year ago.  You may remembr me talking about a dilema of the 18 year old from ecuador.  How much people can change inside a year.  Last time i saw her, she was an innocent non smoker , non drinker and very sexy to look at.  Now, still sexy but with cigarrette and pint in her hand.  I , of course have always found girls that drink pints , very attractive, as i have girls with black tights, but it was a big change none the less.
So stand by for a summer of fun, surf and rabid blogging.  it wil be one to read all year long.  Will promise to pull no punches this time and give all details, however unappropriate
spread the work – the naked surfer is back!!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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