back in the day

i was just reading some old pages in my blog, no, not reminising but apparently there is mention of an old girlfriends name in my blog and she is getting a little bit tetchy about it.  She has asked me to remove it and i will but i need a little inspiration as to what i can replace it with.  Of course, i dont want to delete the whole passage but it would be fun to make a comedy substitution.
Couldnt help but notice that i also used to write with much more passion – more vigor – more inspiration.  well, that has temporarily been sucked out of me by a small disease we call ‘work’ but soon i will be back with a vengance.
I am due to leave the boat around 20th June and that is when my 6 month holiday begins.  I promise to write with joy, integrity and juice too if and when it occurs, my search for a hot latina will begin once i return to portugal.  I will fill you in with all of my antics on my new longboard, i need a name for that too, my house repairs and my general loafing around in the sun while you lot have to work.
I wonder if i might meet my hot latina while here in spain.  I am confident that this is the year that t will happen but surely i need to get surf fit first? all this loafing around and living on a boat with a full time chef hasn’t been kind to me.  I am sure though, that a month at home will sort it out.
Coop, the old slut has threatened to come and join me in portugal for a while, i wonder if she will manage it.  I have a day in lisbon before i fly out and will happily show her around. might even try to sell her for a few euros but i doubt she will fetch much – she has a lot of miles on the clock and also, there are only two things that smell of fish, and one of them is fish !!!!
I am staying at masons pad while in mallorca, glad to be off the boat and in a full size bed for a change.  Mason continues to be a complete cock and is currently the biggest nob end i know ( apart from russ in portugal!)
anyway – enough for now
send me name suggestions for the ex and for my new board.  maybe i could switch them around?  call her ‘groovy nose rider’ and my board ‘lineke’ ??

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