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hot night

last night was so hot , no breeze, today is much the same.  will head for the beach at lunch time

proper cornish



i got to faro airport yesterday to pick alex up, according to his e mail, his flight landed at 17.40 so i left work early and got there at 17.30

one slight problem with alex, at 33, he still hasnt mastered the art of the 24 hour clock, so i was at the airport three hours early – infact i was there while he was still in england!!

we had a surf this afternoon, me alex and james, nothing special but smiles all round.

got stung by two wasps today.  they had made a nest in the door shut of russ´s old renault, when i opened the door, they went into attack mode!  so i nuked em with some tnt carb cleaner!


sore nipples

after such a good session yesterday in just my shorts – they are as sore as hell today!


all those who look at my page but restrict veiwing to theirs!  why?

todays blog

ok, finally as promised, the remainder of my photos have been uploaded.  Big thanks to Peter in the bubble for his tech help with the upload.

today i bought the 9´1´´ from rob the soap, met james at tonel late afternoon and had a good surf in my shorts.

we then headed for martinhal to the beach bar for coffee and to say hi to isabel.

i had a sneaky feeling we would get a sunset surf at zavial but i was wrong. instead , we had a sneaky half metre at zavial – what a fun day.

so i bought the board from soap , with a 9 inch fin and a board bag for 100 euros, it looks like i may have a buyer for the arkroyal too for 50 euros so all in all a good deal.

Alex – cornwalls No1 faggot arrives tomorrow, looking forward to a week of abuse from him, no doubt he will whinge about the surf all week – nothing ever changes

HAve arranged to go to lisbon and meet with marilia on the 8th july.  i am going by train, which is supposed to be a very pleasant experience here in portugal. it is also less than half the price of going by car.  i will chill out in an air conditioned first class carriage i think – waiter service is included.

will update more as it happens this week,


keep cool



todays update

i promise, will happen this evening and i will load any photos i have left in the camera

it is so hot here

ok, been very busy this week but i promise to add the remainder of my photos this weekend and update you on the longboard status.

watch this space!!

Ark Royal is scuppered

Just back from zavial, a nice evening session with a very small wave, warm water and clear skies.  just in my shorts, nothing more.

a small wave that should have tested the board repair but instead it snapped the board again – not my repair i might add but i guess it was just so weak from the two previous repairs.

so i have spoken with rob the soap – he wants 100 euro for the board he leant me.  will check the notice board in the dromedario first but i think this will be an unbeatable price.


so officially , the 10´2´´ is dead.

still no surf

what is going on with the weather, relentless sun, wind and small or no swell.

checked the south coast today at lunchtime with james and again after work but nothing, and the wind really was blowing a hoolie offshore.

so i decided to take the boards off the roof – i doubt i will use them now before the weekend.

Asked Marilia if i could go to lisbon and stay with her……what a result!  i can go for the weekend of 1st July.  infact , her response was – claro k sim!. Vou adorar a tua companhia…beijinhos

get your dictionaries out babies – it was a good one.  she is a 100% hottie – no doubt.  she was no doubt impressed with the fact that i text her completely in portuguese…

so i am looking at the train timetables now to see if it iw worth going on the train or to take the car.  lisbon is a three hour drive and the motorway is a peage so it will get a little expensive.


more soon, i promise


a mixed day

Russ´s daughter Kiki, drew me a snail today while she was at the workshop.  I asked her to colour it red and blue.  when she gave it to me, i very politely asked if the snail had a name , to which this querky four year old replied – its only paper, it doesnt have a name!

So i was told!

Krept upto Pedralva at lunch time, i heard there was a place up there for sale.  Pedralva is just up the west coast a little from here, a small collection of less than 50 houses, many derelict – the place has only recently got mains electricity.

Anyway, the place was pretty cool but now we have to find the woman that owns it – any detectives out there please make yourself known, we are now looking for an irish widdow living in birmingham area.

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