todays blog

ok, finally as promised, the remainder of my photos have been uploaded.  Big thanks to Peter in the bubble for his tech help with the upload.

today i bought the 9´1´´ from rob the soap, met james at tonel late afternoon and had a good surf in my shorts.

we then headed for martinhal to the beach bar for coffee and to say hi to isabel.

i had a sneaky feeling we would get a sunset surf at zavial but i was wrong. instead , we had a sneaky half metre at zavial – what a fun day.

so i bought the board from soap , with a 9 inch fin and a board bag for 100 euros, it looks like i may have a buyer for the arkroyal too for 50 euros so all in all a good deal.

Alex – cornwalls No1 faggot arrives tomorrow, looking forward to a week of abuse from him, no doubt he will whinge about the surf all week – nothing ever changes

HAve arranged to go to lisbon and meet with marilia on the 8th july.  i am going by train, which is supposed to be a very pleasant experience here in portugal. it is also less than half the price of going by car.  i will chill out in an air conditioned first class carriage i think – waiter service is included.

will update more as it happens this week,


keep cool



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