still no surf

what is going on with the weather, relentless sun, wind and small or no swell.

checked the south coast today at lunchtime with james and again after work but nothing, and the wind really was blowing a hoolie offshore.

so i decided to take the boards off the roof – i doubt i will use them now before the weekend.

Asked Marilia if i could go to lisbon and stay with her……what a result!  i can go for the weekend of 1st July.  infact , her response was – claro k sim!. Vou adorar a tua companhia…beijinhos

get your dictionaries out babies – it was a good one.  she is a 100% hottie – no doubt.  she was no doubt impressed with the fact that i text her completely in portuguese…

so i am looking at the train timetables now to see if it iw worth going on the train or to take the car.  lisbon is a three hour drive and the motorway is a peage so it will get a little expensive.


more soon, i promise


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