The fat lady is warming her vocal chords!!

Finally, the time has come.  at midday today, i officially finished work.  At 6pm tonight local time, i will be boarding my plane back to blighty, heading straight for my executive suite at a hotel near to gatwick.  So let me just recap on my latest adventures.
In september last year, i flew to norway, then took a flight further north into the arctic circle to join the good ship Nariida. We set sail for mallorca the day after i arrived and covered almost 3000 miles by the time we arrived in mallorca.
From there, we sailed onto tenerife and prepared the boat for a transatlantic race to St Maarten.  Lucky for me, i was surplus to requirements for the race and took ten days off in portugal.  After that, i flew to St Maarten to rejoin the boat and a 5 month stay in the caribbean, taking in St Maarten, St Barths, Monserat, Nevis, St Kitts, Antigua, Martinique, British Virgin Islands and a couple of other islands whose names i forget.
At the end of april, we sailed back across the atlantic, stopping in the Açores for fuel before arriving back in mallorca for a three week work period, some 4500 miles later.
Then the final leg.  To the greek islands and the azure blue waters of the ionian, calling at such hotspots as, Kefalonia, Ithica, Zakynthos, Paxos and of course, a couple more i can’t remember.
So tonight, i fly to gatwick, tomorrow an internal flight to newquay and a couple of days in cornwall before heading back to mallorca to get my stuff and then finally home to portugal in about a weeks time.
So be warned – the summer of love is almost upon us.  this year i promise to fully document my adventures, and this year, without censorship!!!!!!!!!
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