bank holiday monday

i just walked in the bubble for a coffee before i go shopping and the pc was free so i thought i should write you all a little message.
last night in the bubble the music wasnt too good so i turned my attention to people watching.  all the trendies are here for their holidays – all wearing the same gear, big surf brand names and i wonder why………when they shop, do they not have any individuality, can they only see clothes with quiksilver, ripcurl, billabong etc?  no one has their own identity, they just blend in with the crowd.
there was one guy who dared to be different but i would say that a ´brian adams on tour´t shirt and a hair cut to match is simply completely wrong!!!!!!!  at least he tried.
so today is a bank holiday monday – rammed with lisbonites but it wont last much longer.  september is just around the corner, empty beaches, warm water and winter swells to amuse me for the next six months.
the trendyness even extends to swell forecasts, everyone looks at the same web site, which for me isnt relly that good………not surprising really as it is a site for windsurfers.
While i was surfing yesterday afternoon i was distracted by a topless girl on a bodyboard paddling out along side me.  come on girls, this surf lark is hard enough without you coming out half naked!!
so anyway, just added some new photos – i am off shopping now and then to the beach for the afternoon.  maybe be back later – who knows

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