august is nearly over

thank god……i know its not good to wish your life away but it has been as busy as hell here, if there wasnt so much work i would have gone somewhere else.
Anyway, in the news, portugal is burning.  Each night they issue fire risk alerts, the highest being 5 the lowest being 1.  Half of the country is on a level 5, the other half is on level 4 – the place is so dry from lack of rain it is burning.  The authorities are even asking people to fell trees within 100metres of their houses!
last weekend i hid at toleiro, not a tourist hot spot as zou have to climb down the cliffs to get to it, surf was real lame but at least there was a small wave so i had two beach dazs, just me and my longboard.
have also stayed awaz from the bars, they are heaving still but it will all end soon.
the weather todaz is cloudy and windy so the roads are full.
hopefully the swell is building for the weekend – fingers crossed

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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