still alive!!!!

woke up yesterday morning to smoke filled skies, the fires are getting closer!
it is unbelievable to see the news here and realise how much of portuga lis burning.  in one town alone, 11 firefighters died trying to save the town.
the tourists are driving me crazy, hence why i havent posted for a while. still, one more week and they will all go home. september is the best month here.
Gave sandra her camera back at the weekend so dont expect any new photos for a while. she is very sexy and extremely annoyed with me after we had a chat at the weekend.  I tried my best to explain but just made things worse….oh well.
next month i have visitors…..alex, dean rupert and christine all in one month.  mind you, dean and rupert still havent told me when they are coming so they might find themselves waiting at the airport for a while.
enough for now, just needed to let you all know i am alive and well and not burned toa crisp just yet

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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