the perfect house – i found it

let me tell you about a perfect house i have found.

half way between sagres and vila do bispo, in a small hamlet of maybe 6 or 7 houses.

4 bedrooms, two anexes, a big plot of land and a sea view.═ one small snag, the old lady wants 23 million esudos for it, (115.000 euros).═ the place is gorgeous, fig trees in the garden and is livable as it is.═ the only snag is i am 15.000 euros short of the asking price.═ on monday i will bid her my absolute maximum for the property but i dont think she will take it but i have to try, my max bid will be 20 million escudos.═ the property is worth a lot more than she is asking and has all services conneted too.═ a typically portuguese home, all of the doors are so low i have to duck to get in all of them.═ small windows with wooden shutters on the inside, wood beam ceilings, tiled floors and two pig stys in the garden………this is perfect!═ I found it purely by chance, i was road testing a car and for some reason i went on the old road to sagres……i stopped by these houses for no reason and saw a sign under a tree.═ we called them straight away and went to see the house that night.

the gardens are huge and tidy, there is also a separate outbuilding that she uses for grinding her own flower and doing her washing.═ in the second annex there is an old stone oven that she uses for baking her bread.═ this place is amazing……i have to have it.═ on monday we will see……….

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