Chasing cars !

The end to a very expensive week for many people in palma, me included!
On friday, while using my laptop to read a wiring diagram, i took a salt water line off and put it on the deck.  I noticed a small spill of saltwater but thought nothing of it for the next hour until i tried the laptop again – it was munted!  I hurried into the engine room and opened her up for a clean out but i was too late, the damage was done.  Thankfully, i had completed a full back up only a couple of days earlier so i could re-instate all of my data onto the new laptop that i had to go and buy! 800€ !
Then , on saturday morning, i dropped my telephone into about 5mm of water in the bilge – hey presto – phone no longer works.  Back to the engine room to open her up and clean her out – this time with sucess.
Then, finally, yesterday afternoon, i dropped my ipod in a puddle of water and that wouldn’t work either.  I left that to dry out and this morning it was working again.
Let me tell you about back ups!  they are not as easy as you might think.  infact, you start off by re-installing all of the quirky little programmes that we use, adobe, itunes, skype, messenger – etc etc….then your pc needs to download updates.  the first time, it needed 65, after that, another 16 appeared and when all of those had cleared i am told i need to download a service pack, which will take an hour.  After all of that, you can start copying the files back across once more.
then , curiously enough, itunes doesnt pick up all of your files as it should, so you start playing with them too.
All in all, re-instating all of my gear has taken me around 8 hours all told.  Now imagine that i hadn’t backed up my data, photos and music (6500 songs).  wouldnt i be in the shit right now?
I did have some fun along the way though, linking artwork to some of the missing music tracks.  Even a little moment of nostalgia for Gary Lineke as i added her photo to a particular track !  For now , all is complete.
I have had some curious visits to the blog this week.  Someone likes lisa melvin, but they are looking for a lisa melvin in the states, not the uk version (who is seriously hotter).  Also someone had landed on my blog by putting the search word ‘November’ into their engine – just stop and think for one minute , just how many results would that have turned out ?
I am looking forward to the coming week.  we have a lot to fix, we are late too, we should have been in the water last week but due to circumstances beyond our control, i doubt we will splash before easter.  That is a big disappointment for all concerned – we just want to get to sea again – me, i just want my next adventure

2 responses to “Chasing cars !

  • Debbie

    By the way, I really think you should publish all your "chronicles" in a book. You\’re a very gifted writer, and you always put a smile on my face……Deb

  • Debbie

    Wayne, I once got a cell phone working again (one that had been dropped in a puddle) by putting it in the oven (set at 200 F.) for about 7 or 8 minutes…… just enough time for it to get warm to the touch, without melting any of its parts. It worked fine after that except for one button (can\’t remember which one). Happy adventurig!

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