Don’t you just………

Hate it when people state the obvious to you in a way they might tell you about north koreas nuclear secrets?  What is it with these people?  Do i look so stupid?  Am i mentally challenged ?  Retarded? Forgetful ? no, so please don’t treat me as though i am.  Infact, you should go and sit in the corner with the ‘D’ hat on.  I am infact very intelligent, smart, clever, knowledgeable ( i hope i spelt that right ) and worth every cent of my obscene salary that i get paid each month, so all you shore based loosers that dont have the balls to do what i do can just go and take a dump so big that your ring piece stretches until it tears.
Now, on a lighter note, i would like to talk to you about decimilisation.  Sadly, this time , unlike my maths/math rant earlier this month, i cannot blame the yanks for this one, but please let me tell you………….
For all the good that decimilisation did ( my typing speed slowed dramatically when i typed that word), when computors came of age, it made a big mess of something.  Yes, of course i am going to explain.
You see, in europe, we have the metric system, in england you have metric and old school english ‘imperial’ for those of an age and in america (fuck yeah) they also have the imperial system but of course they have a different name for it even though they stole it off us , i think they were jealous of our nations engineering prowess!!
Now, i can very happily work in both, 13mm is around 1/2 inch – 1/8 inch is around 3.2mm and so on but, and a very big BUT you cannot mix both!!!
This week, i saw something that is as wrong as saying ‘math’ instead of ‘maths’.  On a roll of lock wire was the measurement of the wire.
Imperial – 32 thousandths of an inch but they had expressed this as follows – 0.032” – yes – the sharp eyed amongst you would have noticed the decimal point.  Now the fact that there is a decimal point suggests clearly a metric system is present………and why do they do this?
BECAUSE THEY ARE STUPID !!!!!  Plain and simply, they do not know how to get the fraction keys to work on their computors – so instead, they fudge it.
Can you imagine picking up a half inch spanner and instead of seeing  ‘ 1/2 ‘  stamped on the end, you saw    0.5”   instead?  It is just wrong, plain and simple.  If you don’t agree, you are wrong too!  Keep metric and imperial separate as they should be and educate yourselves a little more.
Now, all of that out of the way – the boat was painted again today.  Tomorrow morning we can check it.  This may sound no mean feat to the uniniciated but it is so close to missing the first trip of the year – if the paint is good, we can hit the water on wednesday, if we make the water and sea trials go well, we will make the boss’s trip on the 17th.  If anything is out of line, then the boss will be unhappy – and that simply shouldnt be the case .
Authors footnote – Big shout out to Junior Gurnsey who will be getting married at the end of this year.  being organised, i have had a hotel room booked for 6 months already.  I am just wondering where in the world i will be travelling from to get there.

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