It has arrived – tomorrow i will leave the apartment in downtown Palma and head to the boat, my new home for the next couple of years.
Now begins my latest and best yet adventure – who knows what lays ahead ? Meet the boss, travel the med (again!) and hopefully in autumn, head back to the caribbean, maybe even the bahamas, onto the states and if i am a very good boy, i hope a trip into the pacific, New Zealand, Asia and the likes……….the new adventure is here.
There is a down side to all of this excitement though – limited internet access to tell you of my travels.  I promise to keep you up to date as much as possible but it will not be easy.
We start later this week with a big sailing event here in Palma – The Palma Vela.  Immediately after that, we are heading to north western Itay via Tunisia.  From Portofino to Capri and after that, it is still a bit sketchy but St Tropez is a possibility before returning to Palma in August for the Copa Del Rei…….after that one , i hope we will head west across the atlantic once more.
Stay tuned

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