Tunisia bound


Looks like we are ready for the off, first shake down out of the way, hopefully one mnore before we head out to Tunisia and then onto Porto Fino in the north west of italy.

All being well, shoul dbe in Tunisia for the weekend and then onto Genoa by mid next week.  The work starts here!

ALl things considered , i am ready to get out of palma but i seem to remember feeling like this each time i come here – 6 months is the maximum i can manage.  I really struggle with the attitudes of the ex-pats that provide service to super yachts.  They seem to have forgotten what service is all about.  You spend in excess of 300,000€ on a paint job and they try to palm off shit on you and give you grief when you complain – or you give a computor company 6 months to fix your networks as per their own advice and when you hit the water , nothing works.

Its almost as if they believe they can blag you for long enough, eventually you will leave and their problems leave with you but they have charged a hansome sum for their ‘efforts’ .


Anyway, enough for now, i have work to do



Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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