Birthday weekender

The weekend is almost here, for me, it’s a celebration.
On friday morning i am flying home for a big knees up in the warung, a triple birthday tipple no doubt!  lots of cra-azy germans and plenty of the old Bohemia.  I will be sure to take my camera as no doubt it will get a little messy.
Also on the agenda is a meeting with the engineer.  I really am hoping this dude has moved things along since last month.  I spoke to him yesterday and he seemed ok, lets just hope he has some plans for me to see and sign off on.  I am wondering if he will have done anything at all – i guess by friday tea time, we will know for sure.
One last tipple of joy today – the gorgeous lisa melvin sent me a photo by telephone, i just gotta log in and see what it is.  Ideally, i would like it to be a picture of her completely naked but much more likely to be something arty and totaly unrelated to my sexual desires.  Anyway, i am off to orange to check it out.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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