Portugal is Beautiful

Its always a pleasure coming home!
The frantic drive from the airport out to the cape always makes me smile, ear to ear!  the sun was shining, the clouds were somewhere else, the external temp gauge read 24ºC and there was bugger all traffic on the road.
The flowers are beginning to bloom in the garden, the cane is beginning to grow again the ocean is a very inviting shade of turqouise and it is blissfully devoid of wanky tourists.
I love it.
On a lighter note, i just had to spend 13€ at the chinese shop – i forgot to pack some shorts and it really is beach weather at the moment – which leaves me with a dilema!
I have a big party tonight – which i would like to go to.  Tomorrow there is a cave dive happening with the dive centre here, which i would like to do , and above all else, i would like to take my board to the beach for the day and just relax – so the dilema is mine.
Maybe i can do all three provided i dont drink too much tonight!
i wonder what will happen??
authors footnote – i would sincerely like to thank lisa melvin for her recent photo that she sent to me.  It was not porn but that did not sadden me any.  instead, it was a photo of her in fancy dress as Lara Croft, sporting two pistols too. I would like to re-declare my adoration for this girl…………after many years of fancying this chica and trying to hook up with her – i am still intoxicated by her!!!  Surely this means something??

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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