Mission accomplished

Last night went according to plan, just three beers and three bottles of water!!  Left the party at midnight and slept until 08.30.
I went to say hello at the dive school but decided against a dive today.  Instead i opted for a hair cut and a surf.  What a result!  I spent just over 3 hours in the water at Zavial on the south coast.  Bumped into a guy called Jerome in the car park and we went out and surfed together.  Was a bit of a hoot too, not massive waves, a good interval and a gloriously sunny day.  I was shattered but didn’t want to leave the water so kept plugging away.
Eventually as the tide dropped away , so did the waves so i bailed out – it was 5pm!!  Jerome was worried that his woman would be mad with him.  He told me that after surfing, all he wanted to do was eat and sleep and this was driving her mad – she wanted to go out, it was saturday after all. So i gave him a real solid piece of advice, in my own special independent advisor way……i told him to give her 20 bucks and send her out for the night, then he could sleep in peace!!  Everyone would be happy – provided she cooked him dinner before she went out!
I also tried my hand at capturing the lifestyle here with some photos.  I will add them tomorrow when i get back to mallorca – some of them i quite like.
The meeting with the architect was also positive – should be hearing from him in the next week or two about the OK from the local council to rebuild – then he can start drawing up some plans.
Tonight, all that is left to do is watch a sunset and then crawl into bed!
Tomorrow i will surf again

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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