They think its all over

It almost is!
It’s been fun being back in blighty for the last two weeks – infact, it is the second longest time i have spent here since leaving the UK 5 years ago – second only to a month at Warsash in 2008 but that was study so i think it doesn’t really counts.
As always, england stirs many emotions for me – its ability to cost so much, yet suddenly smack me with something so cheap.  It continually amuses me with the politically correct brigade still calling the shots, the size of spirits you get served in pubs makes me wet my pants (and the price you pay for them)and the chavvyness of the local town centre – amazing!
So the two week trip has cost me around 1500€, the return train fare from gatwick airport to Rugby just 31 english pounds.  I see some muslims are protesting against the british army when they return to england, be it dead or alive.  The average brit is too afraid to speak out against them for fear of being branded a racist by the PC brigade.  Common sense left the country decades ago – probably for a cheaper and more full Gin and tonic somewhere else in europe that doesnt have the pc brigade bleeting on about binge drinking.
The snow comes and causes chaos – suddenly people loose all abilities to think for themselves.
So, i will leave you once more for a brief trip to a slightly warmer portugal before returning to the caribbean once more to what will undoubtedly be 40º temperatures and lush warm blue waters.
It was wicked to touch base with so many friends and family.  Finally , Junior and Jack tied the knot on new years eve. Christine was there with Pilly who got absolutely munted, the forever lush Lisa Melvin was also in fine fettle, Amy Horne – just gorgeous.  Special thanks to sex pest for letting me have his spare room for the duration and TJS hire for letting me have a car for sensible money.
But for now, i have to depart once more for warmer climes – chasing the sun around the world for another year.  Tomorrow night, i will be talking with the engineer and re-designing the house plans before submitting them into the ether that is portuguese bureaucracy ( i think i got that one right )
Its been a blast

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