Due South 6886nm

SHort lived, i know, but tonight we are leaving the rugged natural beauty of scandinavia behind us, in favour of the cheese and commoness of the med once more.
It was too cold up here for the boss, so he has asked us to return to tourist hell.  Shame really, we spent almost 2 weeks getting here, it will almost be 2 weeks to get back, and we stayed here for just 3 weeks, the boss just had 6 days. 
think about it – 40,000 litres of diesel for a 6 day holiday!!
Never mind.
we leave tonight, just after midnight so will be at sea for some time – expect me in palma any time from the 10th of august.  Skipper has agreed to stop at home in sagres to let me off the boat to go to the bank but then its onward and upward.
i better get back to work

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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