next week , i will mostly be listening to

The Kings of Leon
Yep, got some CD`s in the post today which wasn´t a complete surprise, i knew they were coming but after an absolute bastard of a day, the surprise was magical, made me feel all happy again in an instant so
Kings of leon will be my music of choice for the first leg of next weeks road trip, as soon as i hit mainland spain, they will be on.
so next week will be my last. Last nights rant was a bit of a drunken slurr – mason made me drink two bottles of beer and a shandy after work so i was well oiled.
so let me fill you in , in a more sober state.
I will see bank girl on monday and ask her why the hell she wouldnt come out with me.  I am sure as hell she has got the hots for me, i just dont get why she wont come out with me, i know she doesnt have a boyfriend, i asked her, and she aint married either but boy, what a cutie
then there is restaurant girl.  she is very cute too but sadly in a long termer – AND I DON´T STEAL so that sort of rules her out, although she likes the attention, i can`t help but be a terrible flirt when she is around – damn hot chick. today she whispered in my ear `I hate him` and nodded toward a man i couldnt see. it sounded so sexy i almost messed in my pants.  At least i think she was talking about someone in the restaurante, maybe she was talking about her old man? i never considered that until i just typed what she whispered.  oh well.
a weekend of work beckons with mason ( he anchors in poo bay). come monday will make my last bank trip to transfer funds to portugal and this is when i will collar bank girl.
until then
stay cool

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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