i had a slight accident

and the greasy stupid spanish twat tried to blame me, after he reversed into me!!!!
can you believe it? he was full of it , in his security guard uniform, i was ready to twat his teeth down his throat and finally the old bill arrived and told him he was at fault for reversing into me.
no damage to my car and a little to his but i was completely miffed – he kept reversing while i held my horn ( pervert!) solidly until he actually hit me. i couldnt believe he did it, and couldnt understand how he hadnt heard me until i opened my door.  his music was so loud, there was no way he was going to hear me.
let me tell you, i was abso-fucking-lutely livid. i told him it was all his fault, and i think i might have been ranting so much that i scared his mates away, you couldnt see them for dust. called him all sorts of shite in my best spanglish
unti the old bill arrived.
he was still being a complete cock as he explained things to the old bill until the point where they told him that he was actually at fault – suddenly he was silent. the greasy sweaty spanish twat.  I was boiling of course.
so anyway
that was yesterday, today my MOT expires so you might say it was a stroke of luck?
not long left here now, portugal is calling me. surf and sun and not much more for the summer – are you jealous yet? and of course there is the possibility that portugal may meet england in the play offs- talk about divided loyalty.
bank girl still fancies me – i am gonna give her one more opportunity before i leave, the girl in the restaurant has a steady fella and i havent really fancied anyone else enough to do anything about it, so i guess that will be it for me, away from spain , celebacy still rules.
tough to belive but the last time i got jiggy was way back in october last year.
well that will be all fo rnow, havent been here for a few days and looks like i wont get back for a few more.
be cool

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