sunday at the beach

been a while since i have been able to use that title.  some cool photos opposite too – take a look.
went wakeboarding with mason this afternoon after we had finished working on a boat. wierd thing is, there was a dude there with a rather special boat.  It could pump in upto 600 litres of water into tanks on each side of the boat. the boat then sits down on one side and creates a surfable wave for you to ride.
I tried but it was really wierd having a boat so close in front of you when you are surfing, so i never actually managed to let go of the tow rope – but hey , at least i can say i did it!!
Change of boat, some cool dance tunes and the bastards strapped a wakeboard to my feet, pushed me off the back and threw me a rope!
but this time i was cool.  up on the board first time. very wierd and difficult to control but i managed a few good rides, even managed to cross a wake (minus the big air of course).  Without a doubt, i fell off every time, and let me tell you, when a wake board digs in and stops you dead, that `slap`into the meditereanean really does sting a bit. so i gave up after 6 falls.
I was hoping to go and watch the brazil – australia game in one of the local brazilian bars but the wakeboarding session seemed to take over  – but i am not complaining. it was awesome, almost like being back home – waves sun , beaches music…….which i might add 12 days left………..just a real cool kick ass afternoon.
but that is it now, i have a shed load of work to do before i return so no more play, all work work work.
more work on the land rover too this week wso will be unlikely that i will get here much, even at the weekend, looks like we have some good work lined up so watch this space,
enough for now
thanks max in advance, i am sure the music will be perfect!
keep warm you english fools !!! 

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