Got a Plan – Stick to It

all is good and i have a big beaming smile again.
today i packed up my tools from the boat yard and got paid. Had a mild panic when i couldnt find the bank details for the transfer, called Julia in portugal and luckily she had them to hand. called my bank in the uk so send some money there so all is good.
Took the money to the bank, sadly , bank girl was busy with someone else so had to be served by some dude instead. When he had finished, i slipped him my contact card with a message on the back saying, `now you can call, email or sms me and tell me why you wont have dinner with me` he read it and looked at me a bit wierd.
Suddenly, it dawned on me that he hadn`t heard me say `para ela`or for her as i pointed to bank girl, so i said it again and again until he got the message.  So bank girl, the ball is firmly in your court!!!
From the bank, i went straight to the ITV centre (thats MOT for you dudes) guess what?  they passed my car, with four different tyres on it – so no need to splash out on new ones, yep i know, jammie git!!!
From the ITV, i went back to the port and bought my ferry tickets home.  Will finally be leaving Palma de Mallorca at midnight on sunday.  with a bit of luck, i will make it back to portugal for a surf before sunset on monday evening.
I spoke with Julia who is staying in my house, she tells me people are asking when will i return, so the first week could be a little bit boozey i reckon, no car to mot, no tyres to buy, just to surf and fix up the house and maybe find some work too.
welcome back to the land of the peachy!!!! It`s all money in the bank !
and Portugal – England in the next round – what colour will my shirt be<??

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