Bank girl.

the mystery is solved – or at least i think it is.
popped into the bank on tuesday morning, after my little contact card escapade and guess what – suddenly, as if by magic, a ring had appeared on THAT finger.  Trust me, it wasnt there before, i always check!
so now the mystery is solved – or is it? did she doit to give me a subtle message? who knows! who cares!
Today on the polligono isaw some fresh graffiti. now my spanish wasnt excellent but i knew what it said straight away……
Orwell had reason – 1984 is reality!
i wonder if this was linked to spain crashing out of the cup??
this week, i am trying to finish some work on masons landy.  in fine landrover tradition, i have been working in a field with the car on blocks.  Had the transfer box out yesterday and back in again today. Felt just like a dessert rat ……sweating hot, sweat running in my eyes, burning sun, scrabbling around in the dust but it was fun, just me , myself and I.
saturday night i  am meeting up with my chums for a meal and a few beers to end the tour of duty for this visit. ferry leaves at midnight on sunday so come monday tea time, should just be looking over the cliffs at tonel to see if there is a wave.
will go and see restaurante girl again tomorrow, will grab a photo or two of her so you can see what all the fuss is about. and if i insist, i reckon she would come to portugal with me.
anyway, enough for now, i am sweating like a rapist here.

One response to “Bank girl.

  • Nicola

    Just thought i\’d pop in for a look around.  Very nice.  But why no profile?
    oops i dropped my cheese……………….

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