out of my box

slight addition to the box for the road trip. not exactly in my box now, its full. in the door pocket, two red hot chili peppers albums and also feeder the singles
gonna be a beautiful day tomorrow. with a little luck , should hit sagres at around 4pm gmt and have a damn fine surf for the first time in six month. photos will follow – you can bet your ass on that one !
by the time you read this on monday morning i should be well on the way across southern spain, somewhere between valencia and cordoba i reckon.
everything is packed and ready to roll, the car is fuelled, tyres checked water and oil topped up, i am ready to go.
will be a little sad to leave. Palma is a beautiful city and that means a lot coming from a countryside boy like me. I have also met some seriously cool people too, but i will be back.
so tonight at midnight, i will stand on the back of the ferry, and wave goodbye to the city lights of palma de mallorca for the next four months.
verao em portugal !!!!

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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