lets talk world cup for a minute

Those who know me will know i am no big fan of footie but this years world cup has my interest……..
why ?
well.  in the unlikely event england do any good, i can support them. living in portugal means i can support portugal too, having been living in spain for the last six months means i can also support them but also, i drew argentina in the sweepstakes so i can definately support them – and didnt they have a right result today.
so why do england never do well in the world cup?. firstly, let me say all you yobs out there that beat on about 66 and how we beat the germans – dude , i wasnt even born then and i doubt most of you reading this were either. 66 was a long time ago, i might even argue it was so long ago, it doesnt count any more – but here is the real problem.
imagine that you are on the team, you know whatever you do, the english press and media at some point, is gauranteed to slate your ass off. now imagine you are playing and have that on your mind. you win your first two games but everyone slates your ass off for being boring – EVEN THOUGH YOU WON!!!! so, either way, you are on a hiding to nothing.
now imagine that we got behind the team in a way that happens to those countries that are in the competition that you have never heard of, those countries that you have no idea where they are in the world.  they are proud as punch to be in the competition, they have little fear of feeling bad, they are there already, their country going abso-fucking-lutely mental for them as they thrash at everything they can, their fans creating a carnival on the terraces and in the streets win or loose
but nah,be british, slag them off, win or loose, good or bad just have a good winge, then , that might just motivate them eh ?
so, exciting football, loose matches and no world cup
bringing the world cup home
YOU choose

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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