And Finally – Some excitement !

Almost time to move on, Monday afternoon next week and we push off for Antigua.  I am looking forward to it – and people that know me would be surprised to hear that.

America has been fun (at times) but it is monotonous to say the least.  All the streets are the same, all regularly laid out, dead flat everywhere, shit beer all over (unless you are lucky enough to find a bar with imported beer), all vehicles are covered with flashing lights – even the post office trucks – seems you can never have enough flashing lights on anything here. So time to move on.

Last weekend I managed to twist my back lifting some clumsy exhaust boxes out of their place.  By this week I was recovered but on Monday I slipped while in one of the bilges and hurt my foot.  Now, I say hurt – and I mean hurt, in fact man hurt.  It started with a black little toe but by the end of today, I now have 5 black toes, black all the way across the top of my foot.  So I have been hobbling this week.

This morning though, I had a speed hobble.  I was woken by the Chef shouting ‘Fire’ at about 06:30 this morning.  At first, I just thought ‘what’s she up to now?’ because she can be a bit of a ditz sometimes but this one turned out to be for real.  A fan heater left in the wheelhouse overnight to help dry the varnish had actually set fire and was burning merrily all on its own.  I have heard stories about this but never believed it.  The cabin area was full of smoke and of course, I was first on the scene.  We managed to get the doors open and lift the burning unit outside so that we didn’t have to clean up after a fire extinguisher, they can be very messy indeed.

One of the most exciting alarm calls I have had for a long long time.

As you might expect, with all of my injuries I have managed next to bugger all exercise recently but also glad to say that I have stayed around 94kgs. Going to have a walk tomorrow morning and Friday is weigh in day so see how this week has panned out.

I haven’t got anything more interesting to tell you about in all fairness.  Tomorrow afternoon I am going shopping for supplies before we get to the third world Caribbean, Friday I will be working flat out so that I can have the weekend off and all to myself.

If inspiration comes my way – I will be back





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