Starboard Tack

For 4 days now, it wears a bit thin after a very short time.  Constantly leaning over makes life hard, even the simple things like getting dressed or taking a dump become a chore.

Thankfully I switched cabins so at least my shower has a seat in it.

We passed the Bahamas a day or so ago and are now heading toward the Virgin Islands and then beyond onto gentle, calm, drug and violence free Antigua where we shall stay until April of next year.

Then, finally, back to Europe and civilisation!

Some good does come from being down here though – the water temperature is already at 24 degrees so expect a host of diving adventures soon.  My injuries are all but cleared up so running, walking and of course cycling will be on the cards again – and yes Susan, I will be telling you about my top speed runs from Shirley Heights on a very regular basis.

For those of you in the know, my old American number is now dead, a new Antigua number will shortly be issued and then of course there is always the ever faithful Skype.  It does look like I have lost my Portuguese sim card so after a mighty 8 years with the same number, a change is on the cards there.

Almost time to start my watch so I am off to make a cup of tea.  The stewies on board recognise the importance of good tea for an englishman so regularly stock up with PG Tips Pyramid bags – I have ample stash


And I haven’t heard a single christmas song yet




Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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