another week in paradise

I see the clifton has not only read this page but also left a comment!

i have a few phrases that you will NEVER hear people say in portugal.


what is the speed limit on this road

we better hurry, the customer wants it back today

dont be late for work

i am in a hurry

i wish this rain would stop

apart from that, another week has passed. all is good.  Christine left on tuesday, she was pretty much on my wavelength and so easy to get on with.  Maybe she will come back again soon.

Sam and Lindsey are here until tuesday, i guess that will be when i next add to this page.  Sam has been busy with the camera so expect a ton of photos on this page soon, beaches, sun, me and a borrowed board.

Rob the soap lent me a 9´1´´ until i have fixed my own boards.  A beautiful tripple stringer but this one has also been snapped in half at some point.  retro paint job on the underside to match my retro shorts – cant wait to surf this baby.

wind and lack of wave has meant that i havent been out for a couple of weeks now but the break can only give me hunger.

more updates soon, dont stay away for too long

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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