AC/DC vs Adele

Some combinations are made for each other, like Cheddar Cheese and Branston Pickle or Apple Crumble and Custard or even Strawberries and Cream but AC/DC followed by Adele should never be heard on anyones playlist while out running, it is just wrong.

The AC/DC songs kind of make me chuckle, especially the ‘Problem Child’ track and I find the tempo good for plodding the trails and pathways but then Adele warbling on about chasing pavements just spoils the pace. Even trickier with sweat covered ear buds that keep popping out with every heavy pound.

It´s been a good week on board.  Shore power faults found, Straub clamps arrived for the main engine salt water intake and fingers crossed, my bad boy generator has now been on line for 8 hours.  I was reluctant to add that last bit as every time I write a note about it, it fails again.  My mark to beat is 10 hours, so by 20:30 this evening I can begin to get a little excited.  Better still, if it is still going in the morning, I may just leave it on all weekend to really prove it. Spares are en route from Rhode Island for the Nº 1 generator and pretty soon I could have this boat up to standard me thinks – then to really piss me off, we have to let the spanish take it apart again to work on it and that will mean another 6 months of putting things right.

My scales also told a very pretty story tonight – 92.5kg, that is my best yet.  Maybe this run for fat loss nonsense is actually working.

Weekend is here again which means scuba diving or surfing.  In fact tomorrow will start with a scuba at the slightly later time of 10:30, a couple of easy dives with some newbies and then a run in the evening.  If there are signs of swell, I will try to talk the deck boys into blasting around to Rendezvous beach to check out the surf.

I am of course officially now on count down – my flight leaves Antigua on 6th March and I don’t return until the 30th March.  Well honestly, I won’t return until December really as I have to meet the boat again in St Lucia.  If I am very lucky, I might get to dive there too – I am told that it is superb.


That’ll do for now.

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