Prison Justice

Where have I been I hear you ask. Still here in Antigua but suffering the heart breaking pain of butting heads with the relief captain who also happens to be the boat manager.  It has left me feeling something of a recluse in fact. Depressing is the best way of describing it.  It seems at every corner, we manage to butt heads which is in direct contrast to the normal captain who is generally a pleasure to work with.

Today I had to clarify if it was the best financial option to pay for everything with my boat credit card when most vendors add the handling fee on top.  Surely with big invoices we are better to pay with a bank credit and save the fees? apparently I was wrong.  I have just paid an $8200 invoice with my card which was then marked up to over $8500 (around $360 of mark up) because apparently it is a little easier than balancing the accounts with a transfer.

Then I got a little nod.  The relief captain also manages the boat.  This includes fund management, which also covers the set up of the credit card. I checked the credit card deals out – they pay a hefty rewards scheme for travel and hotels with card use. So it is perfectly feasible that there is a deliberate action to use the card to boost personal points – even by loading credit cards. To me – this is wrong.  If you were to naturally accrue points would be one thing but to do your best to maximise them and add additional expense to the owner of the vessel is just not on.

Anyway – enough of that bollocks, I am on final countdown to holidays even though they will be taken up with studies for exams that I know I cannot pass.  Wednesday 6th March I will be Europe bound and heading for England and not returning to this side of the Atlantic until the end of March.

My run for fat loss is giving me improved strength and power even if it is not actually helping me burn fat.  Interval training works – and I was a non believer!  I do like to pop on a bit of the old AC/DC too, good tempo and often brings a smile to my face when I listen to those old rockers.

That’s enough for now – just really wanted to let you know I am still alive and kicking.  Off for a scuba all weekend again.

See you soon

Oh – I almost forgot, Prison Justice.  I read this story the other day on the BBC.  Can’t help but think the world might be a better place if more of this stuff went on.

Prison Justice






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