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iTunes Festival

Hey Groovers

Just thought I would have a little update for you all.

I am currently enjoying this months iTunes festival – something of a spectacular line up this month.  I just finished watching David Guetta, yesterday I caught ‘Beck’ and the day before, Deadmau5.

Something struck me about these DJ fellas.  Essentially, they could make a cd at home, rock up at the turn tables, insert their CD and press play.  No-one would be none the wiser right? I often think of them as talentless twats, compared to people that write music, play music and sing – or even all at the same time. Look at that youngster ‘Birdy’ for example – overflowing with talent, or that über sexy Gin Wigmore.  This time though, I have to admit to being a little wrong.  They are not talentless twats after all, they are just less talented, or if I want to be nice to them, talented differently.  See, for me, the art of playing live takes some big bollocks.  In the studio, you can re-take and re-take until you get it absolutely perfect but live, you get just one chance.  To stitch a bunch of sample noises together does take a talent but nothing near as complex as making those noises in the first place. Sure, I couldn’t stitch those noises together with the same level of success as them, but I am even less likely to hit the right note singing or strumming a guitar.

All said and done though, David Guetta did rock the Round House, I have to give him credit for that.  Deadmau5 didn’t rock it as much and if I am completely honest – Beck was a pile of shit !  He was so bad, I turned off after the 1st song.  For the rest of the month, I have Kasabian to look forward to, Placebo, Blondie, Jessie J (again), Kylie (last time I saw her was in 2002, I still have the Kylie Water), Lenny Kravitz and Pharrel Williams.

I will see you there!

As for the rest of my life, I ordered myself a new mountain bike on Monday – this time a carbon fibre frame.  Rue has a new bike and will inevitably be faster now so I need to keep just in front.  There is always the possibility of bringing Steve B out for a ride again – he is so slow now, we get tea breaks while he catches us up.


I have also booked my return flights to Europe for Christmas and am currently looking at another Vegas trip at the end of October, or better still, a trip to Boulder in Colorado for some outdoor activities, mountain running, white water rafting, Grizzly Bear dodging.  Dodging Grizzly Bears is a fun sport.  You don’t need to be able to outrun the bear, you just need to be able to outrun at least one person in your group.

Beyond that, I am working hard at the gym, running hard in the heat and fighting hard at the MMA classes – it’s all rather peachy at the moment.

I would like to thank Mush George for FINALLY sending 1 photo for the Magnificent 7 competition.  You may remember, for entry, you needed to send at least 3 and entries had to be in 2 weeks ago – so Musher – you just missed out!  Not like Mr.Westwood though – who completely missed the mark by not even attempting his entry.  I am still at a complete loss as to the whereabouts of one Ms. Verity McCoy.

So for now – onward and upward


This – you have to see




Glastonbury, Wimbledon, World Cup Disappointment & The Magnificent 7

The summer is in full flow and festivals are upon us.  I watched Blondie play Glasters on Friday night, then last night Metallica and later today I will catch up with Dolly Parton.  Where else in the world could you find such a miss mash of artists all under one barn roof ?  My only moan can be that I have never been able to get tickets – to the point that I don’t even bother to try any more – but still, one has to love the die-hard attitude.

The World Cup continues to excite.  Sure, England are long gone but that was expected.  The next grudge match is on Tuesday when USA play Belgium.  We will no doubt wander down to the local square which will be heaving  with youths and pensioners alike – we will sit in with the pensioners.  Tricky spot for the missus (she is old enough to join the pensioners) but being American in Belgium on that night might prove tricky.  Actually my money is on Belgium BUT I don’t doubt the USA could actually pull it off if they play with a bit more self believe – it’s a win win either way for me, I would like both of them to go through but that isn’t possible.

Tennis – what a waste of good TV time.  I would ban it completely if I was in power.  For years now, the Brits have been clinging to any player with any link to the island – remember a guy called Greg Rusedski? Hailed as british, living in Canada blah blah blah.  Now we have to deal with that scott Andy Murray. He is Scottish so the English should stop trying to claim him as their own.  I suspect that if we put as much effort into raising home-grown talent as we put into tracing some weak link to someone elses sports stars – we might actually gain some ground for ourselves.  Worst still, the BBC awards these foreigners with Sports personality awards while overlooking our home-grown talent.

Moan over – now the good stuff.


By now, all of you except Lexa should have your hands on your T-shirts. To kick-start the last phase of this competition, I have started a new photo album called ‘magnificent 7’ and added no less than 10 shots of me in my shirt.  Let this be a clear inspiration to you all to get clicking – no excuses.  Closing date for all entries is 01:00 on 15th July – Connor, don’t be late this time bud !

Verity McCoy – Where are you ?

This will be a long one – best make a cuppa right now.

Let me start off with the inevitable – England football team.  As always a complete shower of shit, at least they are consistent.  Do they not appreciate the fact that we, the people, cannot survive on a world cup victory from before I was born, we need several more.  I never fully understood the mentality of the English National Team, but let me explain a little.  Below is a clipping from the BBC website from the morning of the Uruguay match (before the game was even starting) – just have a quick read

How to win at football

How to win at football


Now, please call me old-fashioned but I for one assumed that the best way to win the world cup was to go to the stadium, get your kit on and then realise that the you have to win every fecking game you play instead of looking for the strangest, most convoluted way around loosing and still getting through.  That’s just me though, a common sense, no-nonsense midlands boy – what would I know?

There are also some benefits of being an ex pat.  Last week we headed into the centre of Brussels to watch their team play.  Everyone dressed in the national colours or flying the Belgian flag and no-one being called a racist for doing so.  It was a happy affair, all were jolly and most definitely a little drunk but all having a good time – AND THEY WON !!!!  It was a good experience.  Today, they play again at 13:00 so I will walk down to the square at the bottom of the street where they have a big screen, pull on my Belgian flagged jesters hat and ham it up with everyone else.  Last match saw an estimated 2500 people on the square so should be fun.  Kick off is not for a few hours yet, in fact it is only 08:30 but there is already one keen fan walking down the street blowing  a vuvuzela.

So England – stop fucking about and get on with it.  Remember though – Anyone but Scotland right?

Moving on

Currently resting after getting back from Brazil last week then spending 5 days entertaining guests that have just left for Paris this morning – hence the early posting.  I have had a little tourist plod around Belgium but also, some of you may find this hard to believe, that stinky swamp infested shit hole called London. A very famous wax museum, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament.  I was impressed – for this little day and a half trip, I still had some small change from the 1 million pounds I took with me!

Actually, it wasn’t so bad.  Even found a Fish and Chip shop on Baker Street that served fish, chips and mushy peas for just over 50 quid for 4 people.  It was very tasty too.  A place called ‘Holmes’ very close to Baker St tube if you fancy it ?  I was impressed – I had 3 septics with me who all wanted to try the legendary fish and chip experience – I told them they also needed to try mushy peas and they weren’t disappointed.

The septics are now off to Paris for a week to meet some other family and then they will all do battle with the striking garlic munchers to get out of Paris again to  complete their holidays.  Train and Plane strikes to come this week. God bless the French – I often wonder why we didn’t just leave them for the Germans.

On a lighter note

The Magnificent Seven

You know who you are but for the benefit of others…….







Lynsey (spelt correctly you might note)


These are the recent competition winners and it gives me great pleasure to announce that your winners shirts have been dispatched and should all arrive within 1 week.  There is of course the required mandatory entry into the next competition – I need at least 3 photos of you all, while wearing your winners shirt. As the missus suggested when completing her competition entry, one of those photos should be a wet T-shirt photo and YES – that means the boys too!  So get your shirt on and get snapping – Remember, at least three (you can send more) and you must be wearing the shirt in all of them.  emailed to the usual address for me.  The winner of the ‘best photo’ will receive something very special by return.  Closing date will be in a few weeks time but don’t delay, click today.

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Mrs. Verity Smith (Nee McCoy) please let me know.  despite posting an entry for the competition, she has yet to be in touch again with her address for the winners shirt.

There are only 9 of these shirts in circulation, I have Nº 1, the other 8 are owned by the Magnificent Seven listed above. Clever bunnies will appreciate there are 8 names on the list – just remember, as competition rules go, my decision is always final and Connor is a very lucky boy.  I fully expect a stunning array of photos from him.

Later today, I will be watching the Austrian GP – an all Williams front row – I bet no-one saw that coming, most likely not even Massa (avoiding the obvious joke about the object that hit him a couple of years ago).  Good luck to them, that’s all I will say. My money is on ………………


Now please let me sleep for a while, I haven’t had a full nights sleep since we set sail from Ft Lauderdale, Florida on 19th May.  As I now have a month off, expect some epic adventure




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