Glastonbury, Wimbledon, World Cup Disappointment & The Magnificent 7

The summer is in full flow and festivals are upon us.  I watched Blondie play Glasters on Friday night, then last night Metallica and later today I will catch up with Dolly Parton.  Where else in the world could you find such a miss mash of artists all under one barn roof ?  My only moan can be that I have never been able to get tickets – to the point that I don’t even bother to try any more – but still, one has to love the die-hard attitude.

The World Cup continues to excite.  Sure, England are long gone but that was expected.  The next grudge match is on Tuesday when USA play Belgium.  We will no doubt wander down to the local square which will be heaving  with youths and pensioners alike – we will sit in with the pensioners.  Tricky spot for the missus (she is old enough to join the pensioners) but being American in Belgium on that night might prove tricky.  Actually my money is on Belgium BUT I don’t doubt the USA could actually pull it off if they play with a bit more self believe – it’s a win win either way for me, I would like both of them to go through but that isn’t possible.

Tennis – what a waste of good TV time.  I would ban it completely if I was in power.  For years now, the Brits have been clinging to any player with any link to the island – remember a guy called Greg Rusedski? Hailed as british, living in Canada blah blah blah.  Now we have to deal with that scott Andy Murray. He is Scottish so the English should stop trying to claim him as their own.  I suspect that if we put as much effort into raising home-grown talent as we put into tracing some weak link to someone elses sports stars – we might actually gain some ground for ourselves.  Worst still, the BBC awards these foreigners with Sports personality awards while overlooking our home-grown talent.

Moan over – now the good stuff.


By now, all of you except Lexa should have your hands on your T-shirts. To kick-start the last phase of this competition, I have started a new photo album called ‘magnificent 7’ and added no less than 10 shots of me in my shirt.  Let this be a clear inspiration to you all to get clicking – no excuses.  Closing date for all entries is 01:00 on 15th July – Connor, don’t be late this time bud !

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