And the response was slow…………very slow.

Frankly, I expected more from you all, but I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed……very disappointed.

The Magnificent 7 as I refer to you.  Well well well.  OK, two of you have an excuse for being late, McCoy and Timothy.  McCoy for being mid birth and Timothy for being further away from the rest of you that it takes twice as long to receive the mail.  After bending the rules, I expected Connor to excel if I am honest and above that, a retired police officer in one of my T shirts, wet, would only have won the competition hands down I am sure, especially if he was holding his truncheon at the same time.

But still, it’s not too late. Lynsey, Connor, Neal, Lexa, Verity, Musher & Lana (1 more please), get those photos to me.  Thanks to Rupert for his addition over the weekend – the Magnificent 7 photo page has now been updated.  Luckily I was around with my camera to catch Rupert in his hot tub.

Later this week I plan to return to Blighty once more, with a little surf trip planned for East Anglia.  I will be there with surf boards and camera should any of you need help with your photos, hitting the dizzy heights of Rugby Town sometime on Friday afternoon.


You know my number



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