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Have You Ever Seen The Rain ?

Wasn’t January a bitch ?

Bowie, Wogan, Rickman, Hambridge…….Obviously for most of you, the first three may ring a bell, for me the fourth was the toughest to swallow.

Jenny Hambridge, or more familiarly just ‘Jen’ – but never anything less than ‘Auntie Jen’ for me. The stylish, well dressed, good looking Aunt that you always wanted.  Rarely a frown on her face, always a smile for me when I walked through her door, I suspect that everyone felt like they were Auntie Jens favourite, such was her warmth and enthusiasm.

In the 70’s and early 80’s a social diva, in fact it is fair to say the couple that were Auntie and Uncle were both of the same ilk.  Hard working social magnates, stylish jet setters, disco dancers and the one lady responsible for every bottle of Holsten Pils I have ever drank.

Damn it, I can’t remember if my first ever game of skittles was with Auntie Jen or Grandma – it was probably both, most likely in the Abbey St Club.  Live music in the Radea Club with all the family. Bedworth Social Club with bands playing Rod Stewart and Creedence Clearwater covers, bingo nights in the Brownsover Social Club, sandwiched between Mum & Auntie Jen.  Shopping in Northampton, riding in a big blue SD1, mirrored aviator sunglasses two sizes too big, balancing on my little nose.

Early morning trips to an emerging Luton Airport as the pair globe trotted across Europe in an age when it was the new thing to do, amazed at the foreign goods that would return with them, but not fully understanding what a red and green channel was about.

From Howkins Road there was usually the sound of music at weekends, Fleetwood Mac, Bread and Abba although the real groovers were most likely moving to Abba or Fleetwood. Truth be told, my first nightclub experience in Hinkley as a school boy, Auntie Jen was there.

Always interested in where I was, what I was doing, how my love life was, how happy I was.  Sometimes telling me stories more than once would earn her a rather cheeky ‘You’ve told me that already’ but as she got wise to me, she would start off with a ‘Have I told you this already?’ always with a quizzical but cheeky wry smile.

In January, the book turned another page and the chapter closed.   A cruel cancer put an end to that, while there was still  ample space for more pages.  The cold harsh truth about death is that life goes on.  People continue with their lives  seemingly unaware that your world has fallen apart, unlikely to have any clue about the pain of people left to cope with the new chapter that has been thrust upon them.  Few of us can even comprehend the feeling that comes with loosing a buddy, wife, friend, lover, partner in crime, business partner.  Especially one of 50 years or more.

For me, the simplest thing I will miss.  Walking in that door, seeing a sparkle in her eye as she very spritely walks her walk to greet me half way across the kitchen, cupping my cheeks, one in each hand and holding them firmly as she plants a kiss straight on my lips.  There was no dodging to the side for a quick one on the cheek – you got it on the lips and that was that!!!

To see if you have left a good mark on this earth you really need to count the mourners at your funeral.  It’s always a comfort to have a full house.

Stay Glam ..


With every death comes a stark reminder to live life.  Make of it what you will but make something.  One thing I have been wanting to do for a few months now was to make a ‘cover’ of a recent TV advert in the UK, by a very well known holiday company. Well, last weekend, I finally did it, spurred on by recent events.  It might seem a little inappropriate to post it on the same page – indeed it was something I have debated all week as I have tried in vain to get the video to upload.  Tonight, it finally worked, so please turn up your volume feel free to join in.  The original is 2 posts further down the page so you can see where I got my inspiration from.  I will also post it over in the video section for you to find whenever you see fit

Remember to tick the right box

My recent travels to the UK left me feeling  a bit perplexed.  I flew EasyJet again – lets be honest, the price is right and the service now that the company has matured a little, is actually very good.  They have good routes, and generally run on time. I even managed to get the train from Rugby to Luton Airport, 1st class for just over £30 and a silly £1.60 bus transfer from Luton Airport Parkway Station to the Terminal – all in about 2 hours – pretty damn sweet if you ask me!

I am perplexed because when booking, I never noticed the tick box for ‘I will behave like a total fuckwit’ yet so many of my fellow passengers did.  I also find it amusing that people start to queue at the gate even before the incoming plane has landed and made its way to the gate to offload the incoming passengers.  What really tickles me is when people with ‘Speedy Boarding’ are also as hurried to get in a queue for a plane that hasn’t even arrived yet.  Oh the joys of flying.

What leaves me dumb struck are the regular flyers – by that I mean the business man that flies business class and gets priority boarding. Why is it that these spaztards actually get to the gate and when they are asked for their boarding cards, they have it stowed at the very bottom of their carry on ?   I could fully understand if they were virgin flyers but regular flyers should know better.

There is of course one huge bonus of flying back to France – it is a given that the arrivals hall will be a major cluster fuck.  So, Nice, Terminal 2 – there are 4 or 5 reclaim belts but those cheese munchers decide to put three flights worth of bags all on one belt while the others stand redundant.  Of course, you can trust the passengers to then crowd right up to the belt so that no-one can get to their bag when it actually comes around after a wait of 30 minutes.  Society has become one huge self centred place where people have little or no consideration for those around them.

Now lets talk conspiracy.  On the boat, my shampoo is Head and Shoulders.  Now, I don’t have dandruff but I do have a concern.  I think that  when I stop using the shampoo and switch to whatever brand comes next, suddenly I will start getting dandruff – a result of the secret ingredient that is put in the shampoo to trap the accidental user.

Don’t believe me?  Ask someone who has used Sensodyne toothpaste and then stopped – I bet their teeth got sensitive afterwards.

All done?  Not quite.

Tomorrow morning I will brave the chilled temperature of the Meditereanean at around 06:45.  I brought my summer wet suit with me so that I can start swimming in the mornings too.  The boat gauge suggests 14ºc – time will tell.

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