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Watch your Pilchards !!

Holidays ending again.  I am now half way across France on my way back to Cannes after a weeks holiday.  What was billed as a holiday did in fact feel nothing like it – every day was frantic with either repairing my latest acquisition (Volvo V40) or packing boxes and taking them to storage ahead of Lana’s move to Colombia and giving up the house in Hilmorton.

2017 continues to be a year crammed with chapter changes.  The happier of which is I am glad to say that after a 2 month stay in hospital, Uncle Dennis is finally back at home and on the mend.  The old fella had us all worried for a while there but he is a tough old bugger and will probably outlive me!

After nearly two and a half years onboard of Pink Gin, I have finally quit.  The biggest problem of working on boats, I have always found, is politics, and this one finally got the better of me.  That said, it now hits the record books as my longest term employed on a single vessel.

So now I have some choices to make, which way to turn, where to go.  My favourite at the moment is a role based out of Seattle.  That boat travels to Alaska in the summer and Costa Rica in the winter – private use only.  It’s a good time to be getting paid in $ too.

I leave Pink Gin on 22nd September and will head directly down to Portugal to see what is left of my house.  I haven’t seen it in three years now so this will be an interesting visit.  A week or so of surfing, running and mountain biking should sort me right out.  Who knows, I might even stay there for the winter and get back on with some studies.

The other closing chapter this month will be myself and Lana.  After 6 years we have both decided to call it a day.  She will leave for Colombia at the end of October to start her new chapter in Bogotá.  I have decided not to go.  It is certainly fair to say that we have both changed over the last 6 years and now clearly want different things from our lives.  I am glad to say the split has been amicable and mutual and I wish her well.

I can’t help but think that one person will have a small sigh of relief at that news. Auntie Jen strangely enough.  One of the very few people that knew my true feelings on many things.  She always used to ask me if I was happy and how was my love life in such a sincere and inquisitive way that I could never withhold the truth.  She was aware of my growing unease in my relationship.  Now, I am not saying she disapproved of my choice in partner but she knew I was not happy and like any good Auntie would, she wanted to see me at the top of my game.  I miss her.


Now, let me take you all back a week or so.  On my mammoth road trip from Cannes to Rugby I have the music on random when an old INXS song came on. Nostalgia is a funny thing, things were good for nearly everyone when these guys were around.  Anyway, I had the most random thought as I listened to the song below, wondering if Sir Bob Geldof ever listens to INXS and if he does, what does he think about it all?

This time next week, I will be back in the town where this blog began over 10 years ago!


Flange – A word of beauty and hidden meaning.

Recovering from my ‘I hate Florida’ rant of the other day, I am looking forward to Colorado next weekend and hoping that it will revive my faith in human nature on this side of the pond.

Today, I would like to invite you all to discuss the following statement…

If your ball sack hangs lower than your bell end, is this a sign of age or a sign of a warm ambient temperature ?

I will leave you to chew that one over for a while (poor choice of expression I am sure).

I am also wondering about the street cleaners here that use leaf blowers.  All I ever see is these guys wandering around blowing leaves.  I never see anyone scooping them up.  Am I actually watching a guy that has blown those leaves down from Alaska, across California, through Death Valley, across Texas Louisiana and Mississippi before stopping for a burger in Alabama and then pushing across the state line into Florida?  Better still, are they even this seasons leaves?  I wonder.

I also wonder about the veeeee-hickles they use over here and the amount of flashing lights they have on them. School buses I can understand, Police, Fire and Paramedics I get that too – Park Rangers?  really?  Parking Enforcement Officers – why? Postal deliveries – come on.  I even saw a golf buggy the other day with strobe lights flashing all over the place.  It seems every veeeeee hickle has them and for me it de-sensitises you to them – but not the yanks of course.  Put a delivery truck on a half mile long and straight section of dual carriageway, all lights flashing while it is unloading and watch the locals drive all the way up to the back of it until their noses are pressed on the light lenses before they realise it’s not moving and they need to change lanes.  First class!

That’ll do for now, I need to find a Donnie Darko Skeleton suit for Halloween


That is one big nasty gash!

That is one big nasty gash!


British Gold Medals at the Olympics

What’s the difference between a blog and a web site ?

Here to help me explain, is a sample of a website by Connor


As you will see – Connor’s website is a story about his car.  The story is written and thus the website will not change, whilst my blog is always changing, or to be absolutely correct, ‘evolving’.  So there you have it, the diffrence between a blog and a website explained in a jiffy.

Now for something more interesting.

I am bloody knackered.  Struggled to complete a 2.75 mile run tonight, legs as heavy as Nigela’s left breast – and that is heavy.  Back to Nantucket tomorrow, while I am there I will be missing my second wedding of the year over in Mallorca and I really wanted to go to that one too.

The boat is being very badly behaved – it seems like every day there are two things breaking and I only manage to get one fixed.  I turned down a 2 month job in Alaska yesterday too – I am beginning to wish I hadn’t been quite so hasty – a job on a 6 year old Royal Huisman…….I wonder if it is too late to get in touch with the guy again?

All in all – I need a motivational boost.  My two month probationary period is up on the 12th and I have to decide if I want to stay – I guess what happens in the next week will make my decision for me – if the boat continues to fail, I will be off – if it behaves well, I should stay.

Now, I hear you cry, jumping a sinking ship and all that – I have little quarms about doing so – that probationary period is as much for me to check out the boat as it is for the boat to check out me – and ultimately, this boat is not the shining pin that the previous engineer suggested it was.  On those grounds, I shouldn’t feel bad about walking away.  Let`s face it, if I had told them I was a wizzard at navigation and turned out not to be, they would have little hesitation to drop me  like a hot brick of shit – so fair is fair.

On the up side – it is quite a good programme.  Lots of space on board for my surf board, mountain bike and running shoes, I might struggle to find another vessel with that amount of space, although, what I initially thought was a good salary offer has already been matched twice this week by two other vessels so maybe I should give this one some serious considerations.

So, something to think about.

I see good old Blighty is doing rather well in the medals tables – good old Team GB! I can think of little more satisfying than winning an Olympic Gold Medal for your country – the down side, I can’t watch any of it over here on the boat!

Now, an early night beckons, and it’s not even 9pm


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