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Interim Measure

I just felt the need to share a little something with you so wanted to make a short and sweet post.  I stumbled across this absolute gem of a video this morning on liveleak and it is fair to say, it had me laughing even though I am sick.  It is work safe but does need volume so you can hear what these chaps are saying.

a slap too far ?

Then, what was going to be a very short post, turned into more of a lengthy debate.  I started reading some of the comments on the video and all the guys were finding this video hilarious (and who wouldn’t) but they were also saying that women would not find it amusing as their sense of humour was different, I would say it is more complex.  This then got me to thinking about other male/female differences that makes women’s lives much harder than mens.

The first thing I noticed (as I was tidying my room) was washing clothes.  See, as a man, I can just grab all of my dirty clothes, regardless of origin or colour, bundle them all into one machine, select ‘rapid wash’ leave the temp at 30º and walk away for half an hour.  When it’s finished, bundle that heap of wet rags into the drier and switch it on for 40 minutes – hey presto, all my washing is done in less than an hour and a half and back in its storage facility, awaiting its next outing.

Shoes – no complex decision process here.  Guys only own two pairs of shoes in general and most likely one pair is covered in mud.  If we are going to see our friends or family, the muddy shoes are what those people will be expecting us to be wearing.

Traffic lights – they are either green or red – unless you are a chick.  If its green, it might go red, causing you to stop.  Then you have to decide, eye liner, lippy, hair, eye shadow, blusher etc etc.  If it is already red, you decision process is slightly different based on how much time on red there is left, but it is similar to the green scenario – eye liner, lippy, hair, eye shadow, blusher etc etc but if you really are not sure, then SMS, Facebook, Twatter etc etc. (actually, as Facebook has grown in popularity, it has reduced options for ladies at this point – no-one still uses other social media platforms like Bebo, MySpace, Hi5 and others – so ladies, Facebook is saving you time )

Chocolate – good topic for me.  Can I eat a bar of chocolate? Yes, if I go for a run to offset the calories.  Can a chick do it?  Well first there is the worry, that old saying ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’.  Once they get past that, they figure out a little exercise will burn it off but then a whole decision process is kicked off.  What type of exercise should they do, where should they do it, how long for, what to wear, how much make up to put on, which gym kit is most fashionable at the moment.  By the time a decision is made, it is dark outside and a chick can’t possibly exercise after dark in case the spiders get her!

So it is true, ladies lives are far more complex than men.  There is that old saying too ‘ Women prefer the simpler things in life –  Men!’  Now please don’t let this saying mislead you.  It’s not a preference on their behalf, it is more likely to be envy at our no-nonsense lifestyles.


I did warn you it was going to get lengthy.  Now, let’s get back on track……..running.  I am sick as a dog at the moment, real sick, man sick, sicker than any woman has ever been, ever.  So sick in fact that I have not ran all week – that is very sick.  It does though lead me onto the need for a soundtrack for my up and coming Great North Run.  I needed a soundtrack for 1h 45m + a 10m slot of Rihanna at the end as punishment if I was still running/motivation to get across the line.  I came up with a list of songs that was more than 3 hours long.  I have slowly squeezed it down but I am still over time by a good 40 minutes.  The current playlist is below, let me know your thoughts as to what more should be taken out, what more should be added. I will be re-sequencing the tunes listed too, to keep me slow at the beginning, to speed me up when I am flagging and to finish in a giant crescendo of noise and pain.


Great North



Project A.L.S.

You may be aware of it, you may not – there has been one of those modern fad things going on for a while called the Ice Bucket Challenge.  I found two videos today on www.liveleak.com  that for me, sum up the hype completely. The first, requires your patience, or at least don’t start pulling your teeth out as soon as you feel the need. Both ARE work safe but you will need sound.


The second, is a much more considered approach, and if I am completely honest, a very clever posting by those southern hemisphere puppies – I like it


In a world where logging your protest at the worlds worst humanitarian outrages requires nothing more than clicking a ‘like’ button on Facebook, both of these posts hit a nerve.  I especially like the comment about Instagram.

At the other end of the spectrum, I found video Nº 3 below – again, its work safe but you have to wonder about the complete wanker in the car not giving the guy a dollar but saving his life by putting him on liveleak.com – have a good one



There, rant over.  As you know, I am currently in the land of the free, and the home of the brave.  Only half of that statement is true.  This morning we took the paddle boards out for a splash.  At the beach we were told that you must have a life jacket on if you want to go out beyond the swimming buoys (that’s about 50m offshore to you and me). If you don’t wear one, you will get a ticket !!!!   It does strike me every time I am in the States that the poor fellas on this side of the water don’t really have the freedom that their national anthem might suggest they do – but they do have the right to bear arms though – even if that means mowing down a couple of classes of school kids with an automatic assault rifle – ah, The Home of the Brave !!!!

One thing I will say about the Yanks though – they are a tough breed – it is fookin hot here and I really can’t understand how they tolerate it all day long.


God Bless America !!  (that is a movie you should rent without delay)



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