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Project A.L.S.

You may be aware of it, you may not – there has been one of those modern fad things going on for a while called the Ice Bucket Challenge.  I found two videos today on www.liveleak.com  that for me, sum up the hype completely. The first, requires your patience, or at least don’t start pulling your teeth out as soon as you feel the need. Both ARE work safe but you will need sound.


The second, is a much more considered approach, and if I am completely honest, a very clever posting by those southern hemisphere puppies – I like it


In a world where logging your protest at the worlds worst humanitarian outrages requires nothing more than clicking a ‘like’ button on Facebook, both of these posts hit a nerve.  I especially like the comment about Instagram.

At the other end of the spectrum, I found video Nº 3 below – again, its work safe but you have to wonder about the complete wanker in the car not giving the guy a dollar but saving his life by putting him on liveleak.com – have a good one



There, rant over.  As you know, I am currently in the land of the free, and the home of the brave.  Only half of that statement is true.  This morning we took the paddle boards out for a splash.  At the beach we were told that you must have a life jacket on if you want to go out beyond the swimming buoys (that’s about 50m offshore to you and me). If you don’t wear one, you will get a ticket !!!!   It does strike me every time I am in the States that the poor fellas on this side of the water don’t really have the freedom that their national anthem might suggest they do – but they do have the right to bear arms though – even if that means mowing down a couple of classes of school kids with an automatic assault rifle – ah, The Home of the Brave !!!!

One thing I will say about the Yanks though – they are a tough breed – it is fookin hot here and I really can’t understand how they tolerate it all day long.


God Bless America !!  (that is a movie you should rent without delay)



Isle of Man TT circuit

Heading back to Nantucket now for the next couple of weeks.  I enjoyed Maine, very beautiful part of the world, only downside is the sheer amount of lobster pots that you have to dodge.  Now, I am not saying there are a few hundred, more like a few thousand – makes navigating this big old bus quite interesting.  I also wondered how there could be any lobster left here with the amount of pots in the water – either that or they buoys are all just for show and there is nothing below.

Treated myself to a new pair of running shoes at the weekend.  The old ones are just completely worn out from the mileage – they have now been relegated to cycling shoes.  On the subject of cycling, I went out yesterday for a quick burn.  When I got back to the boat, the sat nav suggested I had just covered 37.63 miles – the same as the Isle on Man TT circuit, I was well chuffed.  A little later I realised that the TT circuit is in fact 37.73 miles so I dropped a little short.  I also fell short on beating my personal best of just under 40 miles – but in all honesty, I was tired and bored.  Road riding on a mountain bike is not all it’s cracked up to be.

So, America! Land of the free aparently…………not so.  I got ID’d to get into a bar the other night, I am 42 ffs – better still, the stewie on board was refused entry as she didn’t have ID – she is 36.  So many things that you can’t do here – remember the Ziggy Marley concert?  I also cycled onto an island yesterday while out. Got to the gate house and spoke to the guard.  ´Can’t cycle on here`he said, and pointed me towards the bike rack.  You can walk, or drive – but no cycling.  How twisted out of shape is that ?

My recent experiences of America convinced me to watch ´Team America – World Police` again last night – what a superb piss take that was – America fuck yeah – so lick my ass and suck on my balls !!

Distance running has been the order of the month so far – almost 37 miles covered in two weeks.  Only 3 miles to go to beat my personal best for a month!  Next time out will be in my new trainers too.  All of this exercise added to working hard has contributed to a little more weight loss.  Got on the scales on friday to see that I had reached the ever so elusive 95 kilos – in fact 95 dead.  I am now considerably skinnier than this time last year. Actually look like an AIDS victim if I wear some of my old ´fat boy`shirts that I bought a year ago.

To treat you all and celebrate the colony that is called America, I am uploading some recent photos from my cycle yesterday, including a shot or two of my new steed.  I had been running past some graffiti recently and really liked it, so much so that I went back with my camera yesterday.  I pity the fool that mis-spelled ‘happy fourth of July’  I guess that’s what you call American Graffiti.  New photos to the right, click on ‘America 2012’

Take a look at my fitness shit mofo’s, almost 1500 miles in 9 months


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