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Isle of Man TT circuit

Heading back to Nantucket now for the next couple of weeks.  I enjoyed Maine, very beautiful part of the world, only downside is the sheer amount of lobster pots that you have to dodge.  Now, I am not saying there are a few hundred, more like a few thousand – makes navigating this big old bus quite interesting.  I also wondered how there could be any lobster left here with the amount of pots in the water – either that or they buoys are all just for show and there is nothing below.

Treated myself to a new pair of running shoes at the weekend.  The old ones are just completely worn out from the mileage – they have now been relegated to cycling shoes.  On the subject of cycling, I went out yesterday for a quick burn.  When I got back to the boat, the sat nav suggested I had just covered 37.63 miles – the same as the Isle on Man TT circuit, I was well chuffed.  A little later I realised that the TT circuit is in fact 37.73 miles so I dropped a little short.  I also fell short on beating my personal best of just under 40 miles – but in all honesty, I was tired and bored.  Road riding on a mountain bike is not all it’s cracked up to be.

So, America! Land of the free aparently…………not so.  I got ID’d to get into a bar the other night, I am 42 ffs – better still, the stewie on board was refused entry as she didn’t have ID – she is 36.  So many things that you can’t do here – remember the Ziggy Marley concert?  I also cycled onto an island yesterday while out. Got to the gate house and spoke to the guard.  ´Can’t cycle on here`he said, and pointed me towards the bike rack.  You can walk, or drive – but no cycling.  How twisted out of shape is that ?

My recent experiences of America convinced me to watch ´Team America – World Police` again last night – what a superb piss take that was – America fuck yeah – so lick my ass and suck on my balls !!

Distance running has been the order of the month so far – almost 37 miles covered in two weeks.  Only 3 miles to go to beat my personal best for a month!  Next time out will be in my new trainers too.  All of this exercise added to working hard has contributed to a little more weight loss.  Got on the scales on friday to see that I had reached the ever so elusive 95 kilos – in fact 95 dead.  I am now considerably skinnier than this time last year. Actually look like an AIDS victim if I wear some of my old ´fat boy`shirts that I bought a year ago.

To treat you all and celebrate the colony that is called America, I am uploading some recent photos from my cycle yesterday, including a shot or two of my new steed.  I had been running past some graffiti recently and really liked it, so much so that I went back with my camera yesterday.  I pity the fool that mis-spelled ‘happy fourth of July’  I guess that’s what you call American Graffiti.  New photos to the right, click on ‘America 2012’

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