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Hawaii five-0 – shake it off

As Steve McGarrett used to say every Sunday night – ‘Book ’em Danno’.

I never got booked once but man alive did I want to be rowing a sea kayak into the waves every sunday evening.

Back from Boulder – what a great place.  Full of fit people, never saw anyone smoking and only 5 police cars in 5 days.  One of those was a sharp-eyed cop that noticed a mother and baby crossing the road had dropped a little pink bootie so he pulled up, flicked his lights on, jumped out, grabbed the bootie and handed it back to mumsie – all very nice and polite like.  Now, compare that to Ft Lauderdale where every couple of seconds, the five – 0  are passing you on the street and you begin to wonder how sweet a spot you are in.

A shed load of photos have just been uploaded, you will find them in an album in the photo section called ‘Boulder, Colorado’ strangely enough – took a lot of thought that one.

Is it just me that has the new Taylor Swift song spinning in my head or is everyone buzzing with it? The players gonna play play play play play play and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate hate – you get the drift.  I am finding it so catchy that I might just have to buy the damn album, but please don’t tell any of my friends.

In just 33 days, I will be back on European soil and staying there for a few months too – I am looking forward to that, especially the winter, after chasing the sun for the last 6 months.  We were lucky enough to get a flurry of snow in Boulder to prepare me for the euro winter that lies ahead.  I can hardly wait. I want snow !!

So on the final countdown (it’s all song references tonight) but I will be back soon, keep one eye for looking over your shoulder.

I thought I would leave you tonight with a picture I took of some chicks BMW at the local boat supply store yesterday afternoon, just made me laugh when I saw the hook of the luggage strap grabbing at the wheel arch and then onto the seat belt points on the seat back – priceless!


Doing everything she can to get women drivers a bad name !

Doing everything she can to get women drivers a bad name !

Blinded by the Obvious

America – the only country I know where you have to put your beer in a paper bag to walk down the street with it but you can carry an assault rifle over your shoulder in full view of everyone……………….Discuss !

When you have finished discussing that one, try this one.  Florida state law requires the use of seat belts while riding in your veee-hickle, but whilst riding your motorcycle, no crash helmet is required.

We just had a flying visit by the boss yesterday.  He stopped in Fort Lauderdale for a night on his way to Cuba.  As there is no Chef on board – I was volunteered to cook him breakfast  (neither of the Stewardesses wanted to do it) – he is still alive and hasn’t got the shits !!

My new carbon fibre mountain bike is finally with me, I shall shortly be taking it out for its first spin.  Of course, I will add some photos too.

Christmas is around the corner – I hope you are all prepared. Me, I am looking forward to some cold weather.  Today we hit 34ºC over here – too frigging hot.

What do you think about that Susan ?




Did anyone watch the Kasabian gig last night on the iTunes festival?………….man alive, did they rock!  Not to late to watch it if you missed it, but what were you thinking?

Today, I had a hair cut, courtesy of a local Cuban barber – did a damn fine job too I think. So impressed was I, I left him a $4 tip – and if you read my recent post on tipping in the states you will fully understand that this is a good haircut.

New bike is on the way and on Thursday evening, I also managed to take over 2 minutes out of my 16k time round Fort Lauderdale.  I actually think that as autumn comes in and things cool down some more, I can get even more time out of it too.  For those Runkeeper chums – keep an eye on your activities, don’t be falling behind too far – you may never catch up again.

Trip to Boulder in Colorado is now firmly on the cards, flights booked with Delta Airlines.  Let me tell you about Delta Airlines, for a while now, they have been my favourite American Airline but I think they may fall foul soon.  So I found a ticket, $280 return – not too shabby.  I could upgrade to first class for a total of $700 – I decided against it then started reserving my seats with extra leg room because I am a lanky twat. An additional $200 – Crikey, I thought – might just have been better going for the first class ticket after all.  I clicked on purchase, and the web did just that.  When my confirmation came in, seems I managed to purchase my ticket WITHOUT hold baggage – that’s another $25 each way.  So I am within $150 of the first class ticket that would have given me the baggage, priority boarding, free food and drinks and maybe other benefits too.  Problem is, they never told me about the hold luggage at all – the sneaky fuckers.

I hate that – very short sighted.  Lets talk rental cars in Boulder.  Hertz & Avis quote includes full insurance, go to Enterprise and you can only spec the full insurance at collection so you can’t compare prices fully.  So I backed away from Enterprise immediately.  That said, Avis price was almost half of Hertz – what’s going on there?

Either way – I just looked at the weather for Boulder & Colorado in general – first snowfall usually starts in September – might be pretty chilly by the time I get there at the end of October – Might need some warmer gear – something different than the Floridian shirt and shorts. Ooops!


Christmas is just around the corner


Stand out from the crowd

Ok, after some weeks of silence, it’s time to write again. Lets talk about Americuh for a second.

Last night I went out with some of the crew in Fort Lauderdale.  We went to a bar that charges $11 per drink, that is a small beer, maybe 200ml, less than a standard bottle in the normal world.  So not cheap right?  We got moved on from one table because it was reserved for diners, then sat at another table and ordered a basket of chips to keep the table police off our backs. 6 drinks later (there were four of us) the bill came for $83.  My friend Oscar paid it and I left a $5 tip in the sleeve.  The girl on returning the credit card to Oscar took the sleeve and started to walk away.  She returned seconds later and asked where we were all from.  Oscar told her, and then she said – here in America you have to tip more.  The cheeky bitch was unhappy with the $5 tip I left and had the nerve to tell us we needed to give more.  This obviously wound us all up so I took out  the $5 bill and swapped it with a $1 bill instead.  We promptly left and Oscar hid around the corner so he could watch her pick up the sleeve and check the tip again.  Priceless!

Went for a paddle board session this afternoon, only the second time I have tried it – I plan to try more next weekend.

Photo competition is drawing to a close – finally!  Only about a month later than expected due to the slow responses. Take a look at the photo album ‘ Magnificent 7’ and leave a comment on your favourite photo.  The owner of the photo with the most comments wins a very special prize to be announced next week.

I am still missing entries from a certain Mr. Westwood, Mrs. George and Mrs. Smith – I will give you all until Friday 22nd August to get them over to me.


No More Excuses



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