Blinded by the Obvious

America – the only country I know where you have to put your beer in a paper bag to walk down the street with it but you can carry an assault rifle over your shoulder in full view of everyone……………….Discuss !

When you have finished discussing that one, try this one.  Florida state law requires the use of seat belts while riding in your veee-hickle, but whilst riding your motorcycle, no crash helmet is required.

We just had a flying visit by the boss yesterday.  He stopped in Fort Lauderdale for a night on his way to Cuba.  As there is no Chef on board – I was volunteered to cook him breakfast  (neither of the Stewardesses wanted to do it) – he is still alive and hasn’t got the shits !!

My new carbon fibre mountain bike is finally with me, I shall shortly be taking it out for its first spin.  Of course, I will add some photos too.

Christmas is around the corner – I hope you are all prepared. Me, I am looking forward to some cold weather.  Today we hit 34ºC over here – too frigging hot.

What do you think about that Susan ?



One response to “Blinded by the Obvious

  • Neal

    Oh dear, what are you like, the discuss topics, are all too obvious, alcohol is bad leads to crime etc. therefore hide in an bag. Rifle, allows you to defend yourself and hunt for game to provide for your family! all good 🙂 The helmet issue equally transparent, if you are a died in the wall risk adverse individual, you are going to travel in a car and will require cosseting by the law makers, if however you are an adrenalin fueled junkie who rides a bike and has obviously thrown caution to the wind, you aren’t going to need a helmet or cosseting by law makers, maybe UK law makers could reassess our nanny state, discuss……..

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