Think like a fat man

Blowing my own trumpet tonight – yeah yeah I know all the jokes

Just weighed in at a tiny 88.5 kilos or by my reckoning that’s 13st 13lb or for the yanks, 195lbs.  Amazing I hear you cry !  ‘Well bloody fucking hell it is’ I quip back.  Think back to this time in 2011 when I was a whale of a man at 117kilos, or 18st 6lb or again 258lbs.  It is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

That’s a loss of 28.5 kilos or, in layman’s terms, a bag of cement powder with 3 and a half bags of sugar on top of it. I also measured in with a waist line of 40” but am pleased to say I have been at 34” for some time now and am also in need of a trial fit in a 32” waist band. That’s 8” off my waist band – or as I prefer to call it – ‘a cocks length’!

Imagine carrying a bag of cement powder around with you all day – it sounds absurd.

I also took just over 3 minutes off my 16km (10 miles) record tonight, and I can feel there is more to come out of it still.  Another 1 minute 40 and I will be sub 90 minutes.  For an old twat like me – that is moving…………but of course, the lighter one becomes, the faster one can move – what !

Jolly good to Scotland for voting to stay in. Anyone but England eh? Does this mean we have to tolerate that tennis twat Andy Murray for even longer?


Let me leave you with a thought – or more an inspirational tune for when you are running and your legs hurt

there is nothing better than a bit of Run DMC Versus Jason Nevins to get your legs pumping over Las Olas Boulevard bridge.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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