Norma Snockers & Hugh Jewilly

It’s almost time to depart for Brazil but before I go, it wouldn’t be right to leave without a little rant now would it?

Yesterday, while hunting down cheap sunnies in the local ‘mall’ (that’s shopping centre to us native English speakers) I saw something very strange – sand!  Beach sand for sale in a tub. Not just the tubs, there was also a stand outside of the shop with a sign suggesting that you touch it.  Sand for fucks sake, for sale in a shopping centre that.  The only way this situation could get any worse was for an Arab to walk in and buy it all.

Competition winners – from South Africa all the way up the estuary to Bristol.  7 lucky winners will soon be receiving a very limited edition (I am only buying 7) November Archives T-shirt.  The Magnificent 7 are

Lexa T – South Africa

Lana B  – Belgium

Verity S  – Staffs, UK

Lynsey C  – Warks, UK

Rue Y – Warks, UK

Neal W – Warks, UK

Musher G  – Bristol

If you haven’t already given me your address, please let me have it.  T shirts will be dispatched in 28 days.  Wear them with pride and remember the selfie rule for competition entry – all selfies should clearly show the front design and if you are feeling arty, maybe you could show us all a couple of photos of you in full flow wearing your special edition shirts.

Competition is now closed – no further correspondence will be entered into.

Now, back on terra firma – some running milestones this week.  On friday night I decided to run my first half marathon stopping only to drop a log and also to wait for one of the draw bridges to close as some ships passed.  The Missus has also bagged her first 20k run in a hugely respectable 2hrs 23m.  The only time you  normally would see americans run so far and fast is when there is a BOGOF offer at McDonald’s or Lance Armstrong hears there is a sale on at his local Pharmacy. She is 5 years the european now and slowly converting to the correct way of doing things – we just need to work on some spelling and pronunciation issues and all will be peachy !

That’s all for now – my next post (conditions permitting) will be from somewhere in the Caribbean Sea  –  that beats any office job that I know of.



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