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38º 10.7N – 32º 31.9W

Or for those of you with less sense of direction, about a day west of the Açores.  Once there, a quick refuel and shopping trip and we can leave on the last leg to Palma – a further 7 days away.

Its been a long old slog.  Starting from just above Venezuela, a slower boat than promised, lacking in fuel range and we have had to take our time. Two weeks from Grenada to the Açores, which , if you look at the picture below, could still easily be classed as mid atlantic.  A cockroach infestation to keep you on your toes, a Captain that doesn’t want to fill the fresh water tanks as it will slow us down – no concern that one of our water makers has failed, a broken heat exchanger that I repaired with epoxy 5 days ago, running the generator for just 5 hours a day so no air conditioning, random hot water for showers, bilge pumps that don’t work …….the list goes on – and this boat is commercially registered, so you could charter it if you can stomach the smell of diesel fuel from one of the leaking tanks  !!!




All that said, I will be very happy to see land in about 24 hours time.

We did encounter a pod of migrating hump back whales a couple of days ago.  Close enough to hear the thundering as they slammed back into the water – that was a first for me.  Only had the trusty Samsung to hand and didn’t get a chance to zoom in.  Thankfully they were quite close.



Plodding on, I noticed this add in a paper the other week.  I kind of admired its bluntness. I might just bear them in mind for when my time comes.  Not much straight talking in the world any more, was a tad refreshing, like the yellow snow in my last post.


Hoping to get into Palma on the 11th and shall instantly whisk the missus in for a couple of days R & R before hitting the study books hard again on the 21st .  Looking forward to catching up with some old chums that I haven’t seen in a while too.


That’ll do for now – 3 exams down, 3 more to convert !  I am amazed that since my switch from Sainsbury to Asda, Sainsbury have noticed my lack of custom to the point that they now want to merge with Asda – they must miss me, who can blame them?





Spending Quality Time with the Family

I have been away for a while, for that I apologise.  Nothing spectacular has happened to bring me back to my blog, I just thought I should swing by and say hello.  A bit more of a photo story today – that’s good for those of you that don’t like to read.

I stopped by the coffee shop the other week with Jean-Claude, our chef.  We were waiting for the supermarket to open and had time for a coffee when I saw the family at the table opposite fully engaged with each other.  I like the idea of family holidays, it’s a time when you can all get together from your busy schedules and spend time with each other and just catch up – you know what I mean?  A good old chin wag and a joke, pulling faces and making laughter as you chat and interact endlessly until the sunset ???

A good old fashioned chin wag

A good old fashioned chin wag

Alternatively – find a café with free wifi and behave just like you are at home in Germany while you text your friends telling them what a wild time you are having in Mallorca.


I have mentioned Jean-Claude before, the magical chef with more than his fair share of Parkinson’s.  Here he is, a sharp old boy who just can’t control the movement of his body as he would like.  To the unknowing onlooker, you might just think he was pissed at 8 o’clock in the morning.



But this old boy is one sharp cookie.  We were recently talking in the crew mess, JC with a glass of red in one hand, a knob of cheese in the other (yup – stereotypical french man, probably had garlic in his pockets too) when he said something in french to me that I roughly translated as,

When I die, I want to come back as a shower in an all girls school

In my mind, I was questioning if I got the translation right.  Let’s be fair, it’s not in your every day phrase book unless perhaps you are on the Monty Python payroll.  As quickly as the questioning look appeared on my face, a little wry smile appeared on JC’s – it seemed I had nailed the translation perfectly !  I laughed immediately and then had to translate for Matt the deck hand as he had no idea why we were both laughing so hard.

Moving on – I have been treating myself to an hour on the beach at the weekends.  There are some benefits of my job, small perks that one must really take advantage of in order to maximise your time away from home.  I found a quiet secluded spot, with not too much going on, took a book and a bottle of water and relaxed for an hour.

IMG_0307 IMG_0322


Something of a distraction so early on a Saturday morning !

But talking of treats – there is a place here in Palma called ‘Cappuchinos’.  This place sells what is by far the best carrot cake I have ever eaten so as a small treat this weekend, I also headed there.




Then I took the next photo.  Later that night I noticed the timings on the photos were just 3 minutes apart




The treats have been fast and furious this week mainly because due to an injury, I have had to completely refrain from any exercise.  A little bit of knee pain last week after a quick 10k run up the hill seemed to have a lasting effect.  I went to the hospital to see the doctor, they took a few X-rays and told me I needed to rest for a while to let the damage to my joints recover.  It is amazing in Mallorca, the health care is really good and the X-Rays show great detail.




All said and done, I am in good shape and will live to fight another day.  When I have something of interest to share, you will be the first to know – until then




Float like a butterfly

Sting like a bee

His hands can’t hit

What his eyes can’t see
















Balearic Bill

I had an hour on the beach today – very pleasant indeed, I might try and do it again next weekend. I don’t really have anything else interesting to tell you today but if anyone ever tells you there is no drugs problem in the Balearics, please direct them to the video below.

I saw this ‘guy’ today at a major junction on the Passeo Maritimo – the main road along the seafront from one side of Palma to another.  I couldn’t resist grabbing my phone from the cradle and filming him.  Sorry its only short but it took me a few seconds to realise what was going on.

So here he is, Balearic Bill – enjoy !!


A crazy little daisy, too vile to breathe

Most urgent news – the car fits in the garage after all, couple of inches spare all around – let the rejoicing begin!

Last night at our ‘make your own’ pizza party, I actually met a real life dude called Zoltan!

Now, let me be serious for a while.  Having spent a little time in England for the last two weeks, I couldn’t help but watch some of the quality day time TV.  Dog the Bounty Hunter for instance.  First class american tv, with the blonde flowing locks of a steroid dependent loud mouth with his entourage of hard men heroes running around in combat gear brandishing their paint guns, not to mention his cannon ball of a wife running around shouting louder than everyone else – it is pure shit – what can I say?

Then of course, the Jeremy Kyle Show.  I am always amazed that this show can continually find the dumbest people in the country and get them on the show.  I was curious though, the audience looked considerably more intelligent than the guests and I started wondering about a couple of things.

1. When your other half tells you that you are going out for the day to the Jeremy Kyle show, how do you know if you will be in the audience or a guest

2. What morals do these guests have to have done some of these things and actually believe it ok to behave like that

So the first question is easy.  Your other half tells you they have tickets for the show, are you a guest or audience?  Count your teeth.  I have never seen a guest on JK’s show with more than half of their teeth so have a quick look in the mirror – missing a few and you could go either way, missing a lot, and you are undoubtedly a guest rather than one of the more beautiful and IQ rich audience participants

Question 2 bothers me because these chavs really see no problem with what they do. It bothers me because they form part of our democratic society and can have their say in the way the country is run – that is scary.

I also often wonder if JK himself is pleased with his work, his contribution to society.  I can imagine being a TV presenter as being something to be hugely proud of, like Sir David Attenborough scouring the world to bring highly entertaining and educational programmes to the world, or the news reader Trevor MacDonald impartially reporting on the workings of a mad world each day, but Kyle, does he actually sleep at night.  Does he look in the mirror at the end of the day and congratulate himself for a good day at the office ? I hope not.

I would like to see Dog the Bounty Hunter chasing down Grant Mitchell for a full on bit of London Gangster banter.  I would of course also like to see Jeremy Kyle stuck in the village stocks for a long weekend so that the decent public of the UK can cover him in rotten fruit and veg at their own leisure.

Enough of that – I would like to say that on my first road trip in the Rangie – it performed faultlessly and proved to be a very comfortable ride for the 6 hours between Rugby and Brussels.  Next month it will take on another epic trip between Brussels and Palma de Mallorca.  I was hugely happy that it did indeed fit in the garage today.  Beers are on me

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