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38º 10.7N – 32º 31.9W

Or for those of you with less sense of direction, about a day west of the Açores.  Once there, a quick refuel and shopping trip and we can leave on the last leg to Palma – a further 7 days away.

Its been a long old slog.  Starting from just above Venezuela, a slower boat than promised, lacking in fuel range and we have had to take our time. Two weeks from Grenada to the Açores, which , if you look at the picture below, could still easily be classed as mid atlantic.  A cockroach infestation to keep you on your toes, a Captain that doesn’t want to fill the fresh water tanks as it will slow us down – no concern that one of our water makers has failed, a broken heat exchanger that I repaired with epoxy 5 days ago, running the generator for just 5 hours a day so no air conditioning, random hot water for showers, bilge pumps that don’t work …….the list goes on – and this boat is commercially registered, so you could charter it if you can stomach the smell of diesel fuel from one of the leaking tanks  !!!




All that said, I will be very happy to see land in about 24 hours time.

We did encounter a pod of migrating hump back whales a couple of days ago.  Close enough to hear the thundering as they slammed back into the water – that was a first for me.  Only had the trusty Samsung to hand and didn’t get a chance to zoom in.  Thankfully they were quite close.



Plodding on, I noticed this add in a paper the other week.  I kind of admired its bluntness. I might just bear them in mind for when my time comes.  Not much straight talking in the world any more, was a tad refreshing, like the yellow snow in my last post.


Hoping to get into Palma on the 11th and shall instantly whisk the missus in for a couple of days R & R before hitting the study books hard again on the 21st .  Looking forward to catching up with some old chums that I haven’t seen in a while too.


That’ll do for now – 3 exams down, 3 more to convert !  I am amazed that since my switch from Sainsbury to Asda, Sainsbury have noticed my lack of custom to the point that they now want to merge with Asda – they must miss me, who can blame them?





Bermuda Triangle

Look at it from my angle

So here we are, an emergency divert en-route to the Açores to off load a sick Captain to the authorities in Bermuda for some urgent medical attention.

Turns out, he has a gall stone around one inch across.  That’s a big stone by anyones standard, even compared to a testicle, it’s not a bad size – in fact, the Captain continually talks about wanking and cock sucking so maybe it is a testicle previously swallowed and not ingested fully.

I have to confess though, initially I thought he was just being a drama queen – you know what these Italians are like.  Every time we tried to sail, something broke and after two days I just assumed his illness was feigned so that he didn’t have to show his face at the helm again and the embarrassment of fucking shit up every watch.

Even the phone support never picked up on the possibility.  It was only the experience of the designated person ashore (That’s DPA in ship speak) that suggested we turn and head for Bermuda.  I make light of it, but the turn for Bermuda has now cost us 7 days.  At the point of turn, we were 3 days away from Bermuda and 5 days away from the Açores but Bermuda was West, the Açores East and we wanted to be heading East – so it was 3 days in the opposite direction.  Imagine that – a 7 day diversion !  Next time you hit the M25 and have a 5 mile diversion, think yourself lucky.

There was an Ambulance waiting on the dock that whisked him off to the hozzie.  Later that night, the Mate started getting ‘whatsapp’ messages from an old crew member asking what was happening.  We were both confused, how could this person know?  The program of this boat means it slips silently in and out of Port, keeping a low, inconspicuous profile, never sounding the horn without good reason, never playing loud music or having big parties – but the outside world knew. Only the crew were aware of the situation, and all of them would respect their confidentiality agreement for sure.

Except the Italian Captain of course – the half wit had decided to post his exploits on Facebook even before his anaesthetic had worn off.  I am left wondering what the management people might make of this – my suspicion is they will react swiftly to his breach of contract.

It is kind of strange – the Captain previously declared that he is no ‘Schettino’ – personally I think he is, in fact I think all Italians are.  A little too crazy, a little too blasé with other people’s lives – fashion first, formalities a few days after.


Either way up, looks like an epic, wet, windy and cold sail to Faial – good job I packed my thermals



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