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The last of the Summer Wine

A year has passed since I wrote my note – I should have known it right from the start!

This time last year I weighed in at 115.2 kgs, thats a little over 18 stone, or if my mothers scales are to be believed, close on 18 1/2 stone – or for you septics, 253lbs.

In the last year, I have covered some miles, all under my own steam – 2360 to be more accurate! That equates to over a quarter of a million calories burned in specific exercise. I have ran my longest single distance non stop of 10.2 miles, cycled on my mountain bike for a whopping 51.4 miler and even managed a top speed on the mountain bike of 44.6mph – it is all wholesomely impressive. My trousers have also shrunk somewhat, from a rather lardy 40” waist last October to a now very delicate by comparison 34” waist.

You would hope that with less of a belly, my knob might appear bigger but sadly no. More seriously though, I have logged activities in Belgium, Spain, UK, Antigua, Florida, St. Maarten, Rhode Island, Maine, Nantucket Island, Savannah and most recently Las Vegas with Georgia and the Caribbean looming before christmas.  It has been an incredible journey.  I have also worn out 3 pairs of training shoe in that time, thats over 300 squids worth of footwear! I have 2 new pairs of running shoes safely tucked away under my floor in my cabin – they should last until we get out of the caribbean and back to civilisation.

My original Claude Butler Mountain bike has been retired and I now plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land with my Specialized instead – but it is fed and watered by gods almighty hand. Yet to be ridden in serious anger, I am becoming one with my new steed, practise indeed for when myself and Mr. Brown meet once more somewhere up on Cannock Chase no doubt.

So what is next I hear you ask? A half Marathon is on the cards, followed some time in the near future by a full marathon but you will have to keep stopping by to see what I am up to, and more importantly, where I am up to it.

Let me leave you with a figure on that weight loss. Today, as I stand here, I tip the scales at………..

92.9kgs   or around 14 stone 8lbs

or (for the septics)



Lies, Captains and Engineers. Pt II

So smug was my last post that the boat decided to react to it, giving me three alarms that night that would interrupt my sleep.  I, of course managed to solve the problems and get back into bed but did lose a couple of hours.

Friday night, the crew headed out for a Ziggy Marley concert. It was alright too.  a big tent, all seated, with very over zealous security.

Sit down – no dancing in the aisle, sit down, no flash photography, don’t bring your beer in

It did kind of spoil it actually.  I stood outside of the tent with a beer in hand and an excellent view of the stage and that made it much better.  I left shortly afterwards on the back of a Taxi bike, really quite pissed!

Saturday was my watch so not much happened that day, although my new bike did have a shock absorber replaced under warranty, and I then stripped it down and put it in its bag for the trip tomorrow to Nantucket.

I missed the opportunity to beat my monthly run record.  I needed to run on either friday or saturday for around 8 miles but due to my other commitments, I missed it completely.  Maybe this month?  Either way, I am rather happy to say that my total exercise count is now 268 activities, covering 1384 miles and burning a massive 157, 546 calories and all of that since 21st October last year.

Fit as a fiddle

Enough for now, Nantucket Island tomorrow.






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