3 responses to “Gunt

  • hairygoose

    And you’re only partying for the weekend ? that should be a 10 day beer and porn fest !! Sharpen up fella, you are missing a golden opportunity.
    Now, lets get tekky – PTO stands for ‘Power Take Off’ or in layman terms big fucking hydraulic pumps that are bolted to an even bigger main engine like the V12 27litre beast in my engine room.

    • Connor

      Ah, now I know what PTO stands for. Ta.

      Hmmm, maybe I am missing out on a golden opportunity. Porn and beer AND some good sports on the telly!

      I fancy that 27 litre* beast in my Beetle.
      *Stupid American spell checker wants me to spell it as liter. Grrr.

  • jellyandcustard

    Totally agree, facebook is ‘a crock of shit’. I still get emails from them saying crap like ‘your friend has tried to contact you’. Must say though, most of these are spam mails. You’d think they’d give up by now, I closed it 4 years ago!

    For the less enlightened, such as me, what does PTO stand for?

    Also, is an 8 flusher what I think it is? Holy crap!! Literally 🙂

    ps, this mofo is partying this weekend, wife and daughter in Italy for ten days as of yesterday. Yesssssssssss.

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