Explore your nether regions

I wanted to write something snappy and witty but instead opted for the drudgery of mediocre boredom – shit, did I just say that ?  Well, one more week in the South of France and then we depart for Mallorca.  Not a moment too soon if you ask me, 6 months in France is enough for anyone.  John Thaw may have managed a ‘Year in Provence’ but he was a highly paid TV actor. The reality is it is all too fashionably anal for me.

Last weekend I managed to disappoint myself.  A parkrun with the aim of setting a new PB but missing it by 10 seconds.  That is harsh, I can remember a couple of occasions when my concentration slipped.  When that happens, you slow down.  I reckon I would have had it if I kept my concentration – maybe next time?

Also gave the mountain bike some love this last week.  Overdue some head bearings, pedal bearings, bottom bracket, front brake pads and new handlebar grips – they were all pretty worn out.  I also fitted a damn fine second-hand back tyre that I sponged off of The Yates who was upgrading so I am on a flying machine again.  I am going to try to squeeze a 44T on the front again though – that 42 just doesn’t unleash my legs.

3 months until the Great North 10k – and I am fully intending to set a new record there.  For those of you with Runkeeper, you will be able to track me again in real-time as I race against those Gurkhas one more time.  My last run, I managed to catch and pass two of them even though they had a 3 minute head start – I was impressed with that even if you weren’t.

But for now I have nothing more to say.


Gunk my old friend – we will meet again.

4 responses to “Explore your nether regions

  • hairygoose

    Hey Coop(s)

    I will be there, slumming it in Palma. Be sure to drop me a line when you have your feet under a table and a jug of Sangria on top of it and I will come and join you provided you leave those pesky kids at home..

  • j.cooper

    Hi Wayne,

    International jet setters, we mere mortals always assume how great that would be but you sum it up very well. Good weather makes for better sport and fitness regimes but boredom is only just round the corner, good weather or not.

    However, at this juncture, I would like to bring some continuous sunshine into your life with some great news. On May 5th, the beautiful Mrs Cooper and myself fly out to Majorca for a week of R&R, staying in some dive in Port D’antrax and you never know your luck, we might bump into one another. Just that there might be a chance of this, keep a couple of Euro aside for Mrs Cooper’s glass of vino.

    Trust you’re keeping well and best of luck with the forthcoming weighing of the anchor.

    Keep smiling Monica & John.


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