Isn’t it Ironic

Could this be just coincidence?  I just watched an article about the re-printing of Adolf Hitlers ‘Mein Kampf’ in Germany, when at the end of the article, the reporter appears, bearing more than just a small resemblance to Hitler himself.  Thing I am kidding?  follow the link to the BBC website.

Mein Kampf


There, got that out of the way – all he was missing was a small moustache and it could have been a rebirth.  The germans recently made a film about that actually, not so much a rebirth but an awakening from a cryo-sleep.  Called ‘Look who’s back’. Should be one to add to your must watch list along with another spectacular called ‘God Bless America’.

Thats it for now – I have nothing to rant nor rave about save for the fact we are about to get a good blow here – and sadly that isn’t a reference to an oral session !

A week in blighty is closing in – the saga of the Range Rover Sport and the local Guy Salmon Land Rover Dealer will soon be exposed – or if they do the right thing, it will be amicably resolved – just like my recent experience with an ebay seller called ‘Jayissurfing’.  Sent me a T shirt with crooked print and when I got in touch with him, he appeared mortified and immediately sent me two more free of charge.  Good Lad!

Now all I need to hear is that the Land Rover dealers sub contractors did indeed fuck up my steering geometry and damage all four tyres and they will put it right.

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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