Damn, That water was cold

Desperate not to break my resolutions, I have been taking a dip in the very cold water of Cannes.  As Jeremy Clarkson once said ‘my penis was like a press stud’.

Chilly enough for me to order a pair of booties for the water too.

Don’t let that get you down though – there is one thing that is adding immense cheer to the New Year – Summer Holiday adverts. Not all of them but just one, Thomas Cook, Be Bold.  If you don’t know it, follow the link below

It does also give me an idea for the years first competition.  Watch the video a few times so that you get a good feeling for what is going on and then make your own version.  Include yourself, family members, work colleagues, pets or even a local police man, or anything else that takes your fancy – send it to me and I will show them all in the video section of this blog.  The best submission as voted for by my readers will win a very special prize.

That’ll do for now


Happy New Year Mofo’s

Have a moan - the beers are on me !!

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